The Result

With the SSI LOGIMAT® FREJA is now able to store and pick the same number of shoes in only 350 m² instead of 1,000 m² – and they are ready for the future growth.

The space saving solution even made it possible for FREJA to combine several warehouses into one, and thereby terminate an external lease and gather all warehousing activities on one location.

Furthermore, the speed of the order fulfillment has increased. FREJA now have faster and more efficient picks and the travel in the warehouse was reduced to a minimum, saving many steps for the employees every day.

Another benefit from the lifts is the ergonomic picking due to the LOGITILT function that tilts the trays in the access opening to ensure ergonomic picking.

“SSI SCHAEFER did a good job trying to understand what our needs were and that gave  us confidence and combined with the fact that they had an economically sound solution, a good quality and good references, the choice was easy to make."
Marina Steensen, Group Healthcare Logistics Director at FREJA.