The Solution Components - three-storey shelving system R3000

The three-story shelving system is fitted with a central staircase to reach the single floors.

Divided into different areas the shelving system is equipped with different variations of the shelving system R 3000. Depending on the stored goods bins of different depths and special hanging devices for storage of long goods are used.

The picking totes (up to 50 kg) are automatically forwarded to the ground floor level by means of a conveyor system. Thanks to an uncomplex light barrier system the conveyor starts automatically when a tote is set down.

A barcode scanner used to exclude single totes has already been installed for further expansion.


At a glance: The shelving system R 3000

  • Subsequent expandability and adaptability

  • Versatile configuration thanks to a wide range of accessories

  • Boltless system allows for quick installation

  • The full shelf adjustability contributes to ideal ergonomics.

  • Compatible with Euro modularity

  • Maximum bay load 3.500 kg