WAMAS Lift & Store – Functionality for Optimized Performance

User management and special security for high-value items are just some of WAMAS Lift & Store’s key features. Its comprehensive range of functions also includes integration of additional equipment such as barcode scanners and printers. Storage strategies such as FIFO and LIFO are also supported. Additional capabilities of the small parts warehouse software include expiration date and batch management.

The software solution is easy to use. Container and tray management is based on a drag-and-drop approach. The reporting function offers detailed statistics. WAMAS Lift & Store facilitates pick-by-light and put-to-light order picking and storage. Item images also contribute to error-free picking and storage.

  • Management of users, items and storage locations (drag-and-drop container and tray management)

  • Working with barcode scanners and label printers

  • Batch management & best-by dates

  • Intelligent storage strategies (including FIFO and LIFO)

  • Statistics and reports

  • Pick by light / put to light