Case Study ORCA

Fully automated cold storage facility in the Philippines

Guaranteeing Freshness Through State-Of-The-Art Technology For The Food Industry

In recent years, the Food & Beverage industry's evolution has brought forth a need for Food Safety, Accessibility, and Availability in the Philippines. With more than 7,600 islands, Philippines food logistics presents a challenge that surpasses many other neighboring South East Asia countries in terms of its geography and logistics transportation. Using technology from SSI SCHAEFER, ORCA Cold Chain Solutions (ORCA), the logistics arm of ISOC Holdings, tackled the ever-widening gap between the rapid city urbanization and the food logistics supply chain system.

Philippines' First Automated Facility

ORCA's most advanced rack clad designed cold chain facility is situated in Taguig, Manila where the process and operations are fully automated. Powered by the Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS), the pallets handling process is seamless, with zero to minimal human interactions.

100% Traceability and Accountability Ensured

To keep track of all inbound and outbound pallets, ORCA uses SSI SCHAEFER's proprietary logistics software - WAMAS®. With real-time monitoring, the control system oversees the inbound and outbound pallets in the facility. 24 hours through 7 days a week, the software controls all the processes in the warehouse, optimizing the goods movements and resources.

Sustainable Logistics Solutions: Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in the Philippine Logistics Industry

Sustainable logistics solutions are at the forefront of today's material handling industry. Together with ORCA Cold Chain Solutions, SSI SCHAEFER believes that the innovation behind the sustainable warehouse logistics solutions will not only increase the efficiency within the supply chain, but it will also fortify the Philippines food industry with higher quality assurance and capacity.

A First for the Philippines

“From the very beginning, the vision for ORCA was to be a world-class gamechanger. That is why we chose to work with SSI SCHAEFER in order to bring to the Philippines for the first time, this type of innovation and automation.

What we have built together with SSI SCHAEFER is the first of its kind in the Philippines, the first fully automated high-bay storage cold chain facility. Our food supply chain has more obstacles than most, we are also more prone to earthquakes and typhoons, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this put even more stress into our food supply chain."

Yerik Cosiquien
President & CEO
ORCA Cold Chain Solutions

ORCA's CEO and President, Yerik Cosiquien

The Pursuit of Innovation and Efficiency

ORCA Cold Chain Solutions have always aimed to provide their partners with outstanding performance and consistent outputs each time, all the while maintaining efficiency in both energy and cost. ORCA's fully-automated warehouse maximizes usable space as well as makes operations smooth and accurate.

Project Goals:

  • Deliver outstanding customer service through quality end-to-end cold chain solutions

  • Optimize costs and increase efficiency through the automation of specific workloads

  • Minimize human intervention to ensure the integrity of all goods

  • Increase accountability and traceability of goods coming in and out of the facility

  • Establishment of a fully automated cold storage facility in the Philippines

Solutions Installed

Pallet Conveying System at Schaeffler

Pallet Conveying System


SSI Exyz


WAMAS ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Software Solutions

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