Innovative predictive maintenance solution wins LOGISTRA Readers’ Choice Award

The Maintenance 4.0 for Intralogistics concept for condition monitoring and semi-automatic maintenance was developed by SSI SCHAEFER in partnership with Schaeffler. Now, the solution is among the winners of LOGISTRA magazine’s “LOGISTRA Best Practice: 2018 Innovations” Readers’ Choice Awards. The accolade underscores the inventive and future-proof design.

LOGISTRA, a German logistics magazine for commercial vehicle fleets and warehouse logistics, recently held its LOGISTRA Best Practice: 2018 Innovations Readers’ Choice Awards. To determine the most exciting industry development of 2018, the editorial team shortlisted a total of 24 creative products and solutions in eight categories. Approximately 900 readers cast votes for the coveted awards. Reflecting on the results, Peter Berlik, Chief Technology Officer at SSI SCHAEFER, stated, “We are delighted that our future-proof development received such a positive response from professionals who put these technologies into practice. This award, for the storage and picking category, confirms that we are on the right path by integrating solutions for predictive maintenance and monitoring of operational and critical components into our portfolio.”

Schaeffler supplied the components for the Maintenance 4.0 for Intralogistics solution, and SSI SCHAEFER acted as the system integrator. The partners collaborated closely to create a sophisticated solution package for condition monitoring of crucial drive systems, and for the partial automation of maintenance in warehouses. The result was implemented at the Schaeffler European distribution center (EDZ Mitte). A total of 58 Schaeffler SmartCheck systems monitor drive motors and gears employed for the horizontal and vertical movement of storage and retrieval machines (SRMs). The alert status of each SmartCheck device, plus other warehouse systems, are all available visually in the SSI SCHAEFER WAMAS® Lighthouse logistics cockpit. Additionally, a fully automatic Schaeffler Concept8 lubrication system, with specially developed pinions, continuously and precisely lubricates the chain and roller conveyors during ongoing operation. “In our European distribution center in Kitzingen, Schaeffler has succeeded in transitioning away from preventive maintenance with fixed intervals when it comes to condition monitoring and partially automated maintenance,” explains Dr. Hans-Willi Kessler, Head of Condition Monitoring Equipment at Schaeffler. Dr. Kessler accepted the award at the most advanced Schaeffler logistics center in Europe.

In Kitzingen, Germany, SSI SCHAEFER designed the state-of-the-art distribution center to help the Schaeffler Group reliably supply customers within the European market. The facility includes a seven-aisle high-bay warehouse, comprehensive conveying systems for pallets and bins, and a six-aisle automated small parts storage across two levels. In addition, the center has fully automated palletizing and depalletizing robots for containers, plus ergonomic workstations.

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