Do you have a system that is able to transport and sort clothes on hangers?

In the field of overhead conveying technology, SSI SCHAEFER offers two products that are suitable for handling goods on hangers, which are the SSI Single and the SSI Carrier technology.

The SSI Single is a system developed to transport and sort hanging goods, particularly for the retail and omnichannel business. After goods-in, the items are temporarily stored in the hanging goods storage area until needed. After picking, the goods on hangers are transported to goods-out where they are sorted by a sorting system.

The SSI Carrier offers the possibility to transport flat and hanging goods in one system and is particularly suitable for the e-commerce business. Flat and hanging goods can be fed into the system manually or automatically. With the matrix sorter, the system can be operated largely independent of the order size and allows sequencing of items even within an order. An optional dynamic buffer offers the possibility to handle returns or fast-moving items, store them temporarily and feed them into the matrix sorter fully automatically. Thus, the SSI Carrier is perfectly suited for special requirements in e-commerce. It combines a maximum flexibility with a short processing time and high sorting performance.