SSI Flexi

The scalable single-level shuttle designed for use in highly dynamic automated miniload systems with dynamically adaptable storage location sizes to store a wide variety of transport units of up to 50 kg.

SSI Flexi Shuttle

Intelligent functionality

The SSI Flexi is an innovative solution for space optimized storage of cartons, trays, and cubic and conical bins. The modular concept, which combines shuttles, lifts, and a racking system, allows tailored and highly flexible system concepts with excellent use of space and high levels of technical performance.

Thanks to the universal load handling device with adjustable width, the SSI Flexi can adapt to single-, double-, and multiple-deep storage of a broad spectrum of loading units and dimensions, even in deep-freeze conditions.


The rack conception with dynamically adjustable storage location sizes. Omitting permanently allocated x-storage positions, the rack conception facilitates space-optimized shelf occupancy with maximum storage density. This can even be achieved with a high diversity of loading units and a broad spectrum of transport dimensions.

Considerable increases in performance can be achieved in conjunction with the patented 3D-MATRIX Solution®. As well as having high-performance lifts installed at the end of the aisles this solution also allows any number of integrated lifts to be installed in any position throughout the storage aisles. It is therefore possible to combine highly dynamic solutions with automated storage, buffering, and integrated sequencing in just one system.

Intelligent functional variety, variable storage location sizes and maximum modularity

  • Tailored and expandable system concepts with excellent use of space and performance

  • Secure handling of a wide variety of loading units, each of which can have a load capacity of up to 50 kg

  • Dynamically adjustable storage location sizes allow flexibility and maximized storage density over the whole service life of the system

  • Suitable for use in deep-freeze environments

  • Maximization of technical performance and option to integrate with 3D-MATRIX Solution®

  • The innovative energy supply for the shuttle uses supercapacitors to ensure the highest energy efficiency

  • Secure and high-performance communication using Siemens Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN)

SSI Flexi – Intelligent functional variety

SSI Flexi – Intelligent functional variety, variable storage location sizes and maximum modularity

The scalable single-level shuttle can handle a variety of stored goods with a storage capacity of up to 50 kg, thanks to the adjustable-width load handling device (LHD). The unique feature of this system is the dynamically adaptable storage location sizes according to the dimensions of the stored goods. This feature is possible thanks to flexible positioning in the racking system

Storage & Picking Solution Ensures Optimal Performance in Limited Space

In order to cope in the long term with the rapid business growth of the Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA) as part of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) at the Gütersloh site (Germany), solutions provider and longstanding partner SSI SCHAEFER modernized and expanded the distribution center during operation in 2019. SSI SCHAEFER used the limited space in the existing system to establish an innovative, highly dynamic, and sustainable storage and picking system, enabling a significant expansion of picking capacity within the bottleneck areas of the publishing supply.

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Technical Data

The scalable single-level shuttle replenishes the powerful shuttle portfolio with an important component.

SSI Flexi


up to 4 m / s


up to 50 kg

Max. dimensions (L x W)

860 x 680 mm (incl. tolerances)

Loading units

Cubic / conical bins, cartons, trays


up to  150 m


up to 30 m


single-, double- and multiple-deep


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