Vertical Lift Module SSI LOGIMAT®

A Small Parts Warehousing and Picking Solution in One System. Your Small Parts Storgae Challenges - Resolved With SSI LOGIMAT®

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT

A Small Parts Warehousing and Picking Solution in One System

The SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module can be compared to an oversized drawer cabinet with two rows of trays. Between the two rows is a lift, which pulls out the individual trays and moves them to the operator opening. Each tray can be individually loaded with bins or cartons, or used without any kind of partitioning.

The vertical lift module is used across all industries. For example, in E-Commerce, Healthcare, for storing spare parts, and in the Automotive sector.



- Save space in your warehouse
- Increase picking speed
- Create secure and ergonomic work stations
- Avoid mistakes in material supply
- A clean and tidy small parts...

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Picking at SSI LOGIMAT


The first steps to the digitalization of your warehouse. Benefit from our extensive software know-how.

Various Benefits:

- From simple stock management to intelligent picking control
- Intuitive and simple touch-panel operation
- Stand-alone application or integration into virtually any ERP system
- Easy integration into your processes
- Configurable strategies for storage and retrieval
- Management of access rights
- See stock analyses from the office

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A simple principle and a modular design for a variety of purposes across all sectors

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For greater efficiency and ergonomic operation

Options Create Added Value:

- Tilt the tray to make working easier on your back
- Pick by Light to increase accuracy when picking
- Simple acknowledgment to make picking more efficient and faster
- Immediate provision of the next tray to speed up the picking process

Discover possibilities
Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL


Technical details and structural requirements

Standard meets Individuality with Manufacturer Excellence

With numerous standard model widths and depths, and a free choice of machine height up to 24 meters, the SSI LOGIMAT® can be perfectly adapted to every structural situation. The compact design of the storage tower makes maximum use of the available room height. High-density storage with a minimal footprint is made possible by numerous features, such as tray storage in 25 mm increments, the storage strategy of intelligent height optimization, or a tray design that is optimized in terms of space and weight.

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Specially selected projects show how customers have become enthusiastic partners.


International experience combined with more than 80 years of manufacturer expertise.

Our specially selected customer references show the SSI LOGIMAT® at work in various...

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For maximum availability of your SSI LOGIMAT®


Maximum availability for all systems and fast service response times are decisive factors in successfully operating logistics systems. We offer comprehensive customer service and expert support – anytime, anywhere, and whatever the task.

Thanks to its robust design, high-quality components, and rack-and-pinion drive, the SSI LOGIMAT® has an extremely low rate of wear and maintenance.

With customer-specific service and maintenance models, as well as innovative spare parts concepts, our global customer service & support team ensures excellent availability for your vertical lift module, maximum operational reliability and complete customer satisfaction.

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Vertical Lift Module LogiMat® - Assembly / Maintenance


What is a vertical lift module and how does a vertical storage system work?
Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about how the systems work, the cost, and what distinguishes a vertical lift module from a paternoster rack system.

A vertical lift module is a compact, partially automated system which simultaneously takes on both storage and picking functions. It takes up very little floor space, as the items are stored upwards – as in a tower. This makes perfect use of your room height, and gives you high-density storage. There is space for all kinds of goods in a vertical lift module, not just small parts. There is also room for long goods, tools, and whole cartons. With different bin systems, you can create safe and efficient storage solutions for your items.

Vertical lift module operation 
Items are stored and retrieved via the operator opening: the vertical lift module transports the relevant tray to the retrieval point, so that the warehouse staff can pick the items in accordance with the goods-to-person principle. Within the storage system, the stored goods are taken to the optimum storage position on a tray. 

Benefits of a vertical lift module
The storage towers have a range of benefits compared to static storage systems such as static racking or pallet racking. These include optimized picking processes, as well as making full use of the ceiling height. You save time and money, because you no longer have to walk to racks that are a good distance away, for instance. The time that you save can be put towards processing the next order. The ergonomic design of the vertical lift modules also provides a safer working environment for your employees, as they do not have to bend, stretch, or use a step or a ladder. The storage systems also help to achieve high quality picking. Finally, the enclosed design of the tray system helps to protect the items against dirt and dust. So as you can see, a vertical lift module is a true all-rounder. 

The vertical lift module and its possible applications.
SSI SCHAEFER's Vertical Lift Module is called the SSI LOGIMAT®, and is already being successfully used in many projects worldwide. Typical applications include a replacement parts or tool store directly in the production area, the dispatch warehouse, the buffer store, or the assembly line supply area.

Discover the use cases.

A vertical lift module, also known as tray lift and lift storage system, is an automated storage system for small parts. A vertical lift module resembles an oversized drawer cabinet made from metal with two large warehouse areas (carrier areas). The carrier areas can be compared to a rack structure. Trays, similar to rack compartments, that are used to accommodate bins are placed by a lift in a storage compartment in the carrier areas of the vertical lift module.

On the front of a vertical lift module is an operating panel and an opening to retrieve and store small parts. At the push of button on the control panel, the trays are retrieved from the correct storage compartment and moved to the operator opening. This procedure is called the goods-to-person principle. The intelligent software control knows the storage compartment and storage location of all stored small parts and supports efficient and space-saving warehousing in very little space.

See how it works here.

With a paternoster system or vertically rotating rack, a vertical carousel takes all the storage locations to the operator station. The stored goods move along with the entire storage rack. This is why modern small parts warehousing systems are often based on the vertical lift module system. In this system, each tray can be moved individually. Speeds are increased and the height of goods storage is flexible.

Our free whitepaper contains more information about rotating racks and vertical lift modules.

A tray has a minimum width of 4,025 mm and a depth of 815 mm. Depths up to 1,323 mm are possible on request. The tray can be loaded up to a height of 590 mm. These are also the maximum dimensions for an item that is to be stored.

In most applications, small parts are stored in bins. This makes ideal use of the available tray surface. The usual bin sizes here range from 100 x 100 x 100 mm to approx. 400 x 600 x 220 mm.

It is a very flexible approach: additional typical areas of application for vertical lift modules include the storage of long goods, heavy tools (crane operated), posters, catalogs, or labels.

Talk to us! Our experts will advise you and help you to find the perfect solution.

The storage area is defined by the height of the unit, the height of the goods to be stored, and the size of the tray.

Example: With a unit height of 7.5 m and a goods height of 220 mm, 48 trays will fit into the SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module. If the tray size is 3,025 x 815 mm, this means a storage area of about 120 m².

This storage area is available on a footprint of approx. 11 m².

Let our experts advise you how to get the maximum storage space from your warehouse!

The price of an SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module depends primarily on the size (width and height), the number of trays, the carrying capacity, and the requested options. As it is a highly standardized, modular system that is tailored to meet individual customer requirements before delivery, the price is extremely low compared to other automated storage systems. For conventional applications, the cost of acquiring a vertical lift module like this is between 35,000 and 65,000 euros, including installation.

Ask our experts for an individual consultation and request your personal offer.


More detailed information about vertical lift modules, the benefits and drawbacks compared to paternoster systems, and the simplicity of digital transformation can be found here.

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Resolve your challenges with an SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module.
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