Fully Automatic Case Picking

Fully automatic case picking solutions combine proven technologies for the integrated automation of the process chain. Intelligent modules of our in-house logistics software WAMAS® support robot-based picking.

The fully automatic Schäfer Case Picking receives entire pallets from suppliers at goods-in and stores them in an automatic pallet high-bay warehouse using a conveying system. Depalletizing is carried out automatically and when required, with robots unloading the pallets either completely or partly layer by layer. 

The layers of the cases are buffered either completely or separately in an automatic picking warehouse. Depending on the requirements, single-level shuttles, multi-level shuttles or conventional storage and retrieval machines by SSI SCHAEFER are utilized. 

For the preparation of the delivery, the cases are retrieved and conveyed to the palletizing robots in the right sequence. These robots then rapidly and reliably pack the goods onto pallets or into roller containers for each branch using the previously calculated, optimum pack pattern according to the desired optimization targets: store-friendly, maximum stability, minimum volume or a mixture thereof. Finally, the pallets are automatically wrapped in plastic film. 
Then the finished pallets are also automatically transported to goods-out.
The pallets in this area are distributed via inclined roller conveyors or temporarily stored in an automatic goods-out buffer.