LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module


The LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module is an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) similar to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays. One stack of treys at the front and the other at the back. Between the two rows of trays is a lift. This lift climbs the entire height of the vertical storage machine to remove an individual tray from the respective positions and delivers it to the access opening for the operator.

The unit has an opening at the front for easy, but secure access, which users can select specific trays via a user interface.

The unit sends the tray down to the opening and enables the user to pick their item safely and securely. VLMs save an enormous amount of floor space, which means items take minimal square footage since everything is stored vertically.

Users incorporate VLMs and similar ASRS solutions for various applications too— everything from small parts to high value items or pharmaceuticals. In addition, LOGIMAT comes with options that make order picking virtually error-free and provide ergonomic benefits to increase picking speeds.


The LOGIMAT® provides robust features that are easy to use, includes long-lasting OEM mechanical components, options that make work ergonomically safe, and has virtually no downtime for preventive maintenance. With an exclusive rack and pinion gear system that prevents common misalignments due to standard belts and chains, maintenance downtime is drastically reduced with the LOGIMAT. The tray lifter moves up and down on the steel columns, which deliver trays with engineered precision every time.

The LOGIMAT offers numerous standard basic functions and impresses as a high-performance storage and retrieval system.

Thanks to its scalability, it’s easy to tailor the LOGIMAT to specific customer requirements. To complement the standard design, SSI SCHAEFER offers numerous options that expand the functionality in terms of ergonomics, performance, and flexibility.


  • Maximum use of storage with minimum footprint

  • An easy to read visual display indicating filling capacity

  • Defragmentation and relocalization of stored trays

  • Stock addition sequence with fixed height for highly concentrated storage

  • Stock addition sequence with intelligent height optimization (IHO)

  • Storage of trays in 25 mm / 1” increments

  • Automated monitoring of storage bins ensures that stored inventory is within the permitted vertical and horizontal dimensions

  • Vertical shaft monitoring checks for possible tray protrusions before the elevator moves

  • Predefined access rights to trays and functions

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • Rack and pinion gear system, which provides a smooth and quiet operation

  • The LogiTilt option provides ergonomic retrieval of goods by reducing the reach for trays

  • An innovative tray design allows for space and weight optimization

  • Touch user interface with intuitive navigation

  • Sorting accessories, such as the LMB bin series, are optimized for a tray depth of 800 mm / 31.5“

  • A low-maintenance system due to high-quality components and a robust design

  • Offers a range of options for different requirements

  • Features an elevator with a low-maintenance gear drive

  • Rack and pinion helical gear design ensures a smooth operation and higher load carrying capacities

  • An optional laser pointer provides visual cues indicating the storage position of a specific item, which is also highlighted on the GUI

  • Up to four operating positions per vertical lift module

  • Personalization of tray heights accommodates individual employee reach


SSI SCHAEFER offers more options for the LOGIMAT than any other VLM manufacturer. From color choices to features that increase productivity, the LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module is one of the most versatile and flexible automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) on the market. 



The LogiTilt is an incline option that enables the ergonomic removal of goods from the tray. This option reduces the removal depth and includes LogiWork mechanical. The tilt angle is adjustable from 10 to 30 degrees and is adjustable for each individual per tray. The tilt angle is adjustable in 5 degree intervals.


Let LOGIWORK adjust to a specific height for an associate. By adjusting the support and tray brackets, the LOGIMAT tray height can move up to 25mm increments. This feature makes picking easier and more ergonomic for every user.


LogiGate is a hub gate that separates the elevator travel shaft and the access opening. The hub gate consists of two parts. The two pieces connect via a chain, and the lower half of the gate acts as a counterweight. This function halves the cycle times and saves energy.


Reduce picking errors by utilizing the LogiPointer option for LOGIMAT. An optical indication of the correct storage position is visible via a laser pointer.


Parallel, time-delayed tray movements for improved performance. While removing goods from the first tray, the next tray is already moving to the operating opening.


The LogiSpeed option has a standard motor with 9kW output. An output of 16kW is achievable using a frequency converter for the standard drive. A maximum elevator speed of 1.7 m/s is possible by utilizing another gear ratio.


The LogiPull is a manual, full pull out tray function with two foldout tray mounts. These mounts fit onto the racking uprights, but fixation to the floor is not necessary. The access opening and the folding handles fit with the roller tracks, which minimizes the manual force of the tray extension.


LogiDrive is an automatic feature where the tray extends outwards towards the individual. The roller tracks allow for a smooth and quiet operation. This ergonomic feature is great for applications that require picking throughout the day.


Vertical Lift Module LogiMat®

The LOGIMAT® can be utilized as an autonomous system or integrated into an automated application. It is equipped with a PLC as a standard feature. A variety of control and software options are available for your individual configuration. These are based on the WAMAS® software from SSI SCHAEFER which is in use worldwide.

From the connection to a higher level ERP system to article management and order processing: Every project is based around a clear and reliable standard solution that can be flexibly tailored to your logistics processes through simple expansions. The storage lift is operated via a touchscreen with an intuitive user interface.

LMB container series with divisions

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad range of options including various accessories like the LMB container series that allow for easy organization of parts and various inventory items. The LMB storage containers provide maximum use of the LOGIMAT storage space.

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat®
  • Up to 90% less storage space required in comparison to static storage solutions

  • Reduces travel times by more than 70%

  • Automated processes and ergonomic design increase performance up to 20%

  • One-stop solution from SSI SCHAEFER with equipment, technology, installation, and service


LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

A flexible, space-saving solution for storing and picking small parts.

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Huber+Suhner Case Study

The installation of the SSI SCHAEFER LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) was able to reduce the amount of warehouse space needed for Huber+Suhner by approximately 75 percent within the Charlotte, NC facility.

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Müller Martini Case Study

Read how Müller Martini used cutting-edge storage machinery and software technology for print processing and newspaper material handling. 

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