ergonomics@work!® (work station systems)

SSI SCHAEFER’s ergonomics@work!® is an extensive and advanced selection of ergonomic work stations for warehouses and operations.

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ergonomics@work!® (work station systems)

Sophisticated workstation solutions with ergonomics@work!®

SSI SCHAEFER has long understood the fundamental importance of ergonomics. The famous “SCHAEFER box”, our storage fix box, is the result of sophisticated ergonomic design. SSI SCHAEFER now offers the broadest and most advanced portfolio of ergonomic work stations for storage and operation.

Even in times of state-of-the-art warehouse automation, human performance remains the factor that determines quality, throughput, and delivery times. Employees perform key tasks in the value chain in the warehouse, at the production facility, and in the office.

As a provider of logistics solutions, SSI SCHAEFER has been a pioneer in ergonomic work stations. ergonomics@work!® was developed as a part of a concept for creating work stations designed to enhance productivity and reduce physical strain. This concept has become an integral part of all SSI SCHAEFER products.

Our concept also includes:

  • Energy-saving materials flow

  • Optimum layout of control elements and displays

  • Clear, simple, and logical user guidance

  • Natural, skin-friendly, and yet robust materials

  • Low-noise operation

  • Integrated fault detection and support for false rectification

We analyze the work processes in advance. In this process, we record manual activities with more than 30 individual procedural steps, for example. This data forms the foundation of the optimum ergonomic solution.