Value Added Service for E-Commerce Retail

With the exponential demand of consumers shopping online, DSV needed to increase capacity to accommodate their clients' e-commerce growth. DSV, a global 3PL transport and logistics company, enlisted the help of SSI SCHAEFER to design and implement an automated solution for E-commerce that would enable greater capacity within an existing facility.


Innovation at DSV resides at the highest levels within the company where they have an outlook of all our potential innovation concepts. DSV tracks, assesses, tests and adopts several concepts on an ongoing basis.  The SSI Carrier Solution is part of the DSV innovation road map.

Before implementation, SSI SCHAEFER evaluated the project to ensure DSV could continue its normal fulfillment operations during the installation phase. A significant challenge was that the solution had to fit within an existing operation. The SSI Carrier solution not only allowed for the existing operation to continue, it enabled the e-commerce capacity growth that DSV needed to ensure both a smooth and efficient online fulfillment system.

Online retailers need to leverage every possible avenue in closing an e-commerce sale. Special promotions, coupled with added value samples, help to maximize sales. Distribution fulfillment needs to keep up with capacity during these seasonal changes. DSV relied on SSI SCHAEFER to help meet these peak demands.

The process starts with batch picking throughout the warehouse. Product is put into SSI SCHAEFER totes and are taken to an AGV WEASEL® transfer station. The WEASEL transports the product to the induction station. Once the item is scanned, the individual products are placed into the SSI Carrier Solution. The pouch then moves to the matrix sorter where orders are sorted and sequenced before pack-out. Once moved to the pack-out station, the order is packed and shipped direct to the customer.

More time for innovation. Our SAP expertise sets new global standards for Brose.

Case Study Brose

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