Pouch Sorter SSI Carrier

The pouch sorter is an extremely compact and versatile overhead conveying system for e-commerce distribution.

Pouch Sorter SSI Carrier: A modular pouch sorter for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution

Space-saving, modular pouch sorter for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution

The SSI Carrier, the pouch sorter by SSI SCHAEFER, is a space-saving and versatile overhead conveying system for parallel processing of different sales channels. As part of the SSI Overhead Conveyors product family, it enables the floor-free transport of goods by taking advantage of unused space below the ceiling.

Conveying, buffering, sorting, and sequencing of flat and hanging goods in one system

One single load carrier enables conveying, buffering, sorting, and sequencing of flat and hanging goods in one system, while also achieving high throughput. The automated sortation solution brings customer orders in any desired sequence and ensures effective returns handling, which makes it particularly well suited for e-commerce.

The SSI Carrier

  • ensures gentle transportation of products

  • requires minimal footprint

  • guarantees highest storage density

  • offers high scalability and flexible system expansions through a modular, customizable design


One system solution for individually sorting flat and hanging goods

The special feature of the pouch sorter is its unique matrix sorting algorithm. The matrix sortation in combination with the dynamic buffering system makes it possible

  1. to bring items picked in batches from different storage zones in sorted customer orders

  2. to provide quick delivery at the packing stations in any desired sequence and within a short time

By using RFID technology and by processing individual items, the system can perfectly handle flexible order structures and combine small e-commerce orders, large retail orders and orders for Pick & Collect for a large spectrum of articles. The automated system reduces product touches and solves the key requirements in e-commerce across various industries.

Especially for the fashion industry, fast and effective processing of returns is of highest importance.

After a quality check, returned goods that are in high demand are placed in the pouches of the SSI Carrier system and stored directly in the dynamic buffer of the SSI Carrier. The goods are thus immediately back in the system and are fully available for new orders and re-shipment — saving valuable time.

This process

  • ensures permanent and reliable availability of the articles

  • represents an optimal solution for just-in-time or same-day delivery

The SSI Carrier ensures very gentle transportation of goods in pouches by using an innovative concept for driven accumulation conveyors. This prevents the pouches from colliding with each other, something that usually occurs on gravity-based declining conveyors. This is key for the handling of sensitive products and packaging, for example in the Healthcare & Cosmetics industry.

The smart and modular design of the SSI Carrier system allows for high scalability, because standard components can be combined variably and economically. Thus, very high sorting performances of several thousand to tens of thousands of items per hour can be achieved through smart combination of various modules. This means that the system is very flexible and adapts to future business volumes at any time.

The SSI Carrier is also known for its optimized space usage. The system can be designed over several levels with a compact in-house steel construction saving valuable warehouse space. Moreover, using driven accumulation conveyors allows for a lower construction height. The reduced size results in increased storage density and thus the system considerably contributes to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

The overhead conveying system achieves energy savings by switching off conveyors on-demand for areas currently not being used, thus saving power. Energy efficiency is also improved thanks to the efficiency of the system from a process view. The system’s flexibility and performance allows it to fulfill many different requirements within one system, so customers need less machinery and power to fulfill their demand.


The modular system SSI Carrier can be easily integrated into existing or new warehouses.
A typical system solution includes loading, buffering, transport, sortation and packing areas on one or more levels.


The entire process mentioned above is controlled by the state-of-the-art and user-friendly logistics software WAMAS®. Optimum interfaces to the customer system ensure that it can be smoothly integrated into almost any type of warehouse. In addition to monitoring the system and controlling the material flow, WAMAS® also takes on the task of tracking goods and visualizing them with WAMAS Lighthouse.

"The e-commerce business faces a highly dynamic development. We offer our customers a cost-efficient and compact solution which allows for a flexible adaption to future requirements. Together with a tailor-made software solution and state-of-the-art visualization technology as well as customized service, SSI SCHAEFER provides the customer with an overall solution from a single source. “

Dr. Michael Zacher, Product Manager Overhead Conveying, SSI Schaefer


A Reliable, versatile, and unique system

•    Gentle transportation of products
•    Optimized use of space and high storage density
•    High scalability and flexible expansion through modular, customizable design
•    Everything from one source including overall software solution and service
•    Fulfillment of e-com, retail, and Click & Collect orders from one warehouse
•    Automatic sorting and sequencing in customer-specific sequences with high sorting performance
•    High sorting accuracy, load securing and process safety thanks to RFID technology
•    Efficient returns handling
•    Garment on hangers and flat packed items can be transported in one system
•    Minimal product touches and efficient staff deployment
•    User-friendliness thanks to simple user interface

The SSI Carrier is especially suitable for e-commerce and omnichannel applications within Fashion, Healthcare & Cosmetics or Retail & Wholesale. Items such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, or home appliances up to 2,5 kg are transported within the pouches. By attaching goods to the hanger directly, for example clothing on hangers, an article weight of 3kg is possible.

  • Carrier: Roller adapter, which holds and transports pouches or hangers, and can be reliably identified by RFID chip

  • Circulation conveyor: A conveyor that connects horizontal or platform overlapping functional units

  • Accumulation conveyor: Flexible conveyor for transporting, accumulating, sorting, and buffering on horizontal conveying sections

  • Angle conveyor: Used to master considerable height differences on short sections

  • Switch: The connecting element between the circulation conveyor and accumulation conveyor

  • Loading station: Intake of items into the SSI Carrier system

  • Unloading station: Items are unloaded and packed in desired sequence

SSI Carrier in motion at FENIX OUTDOOR LOGISTICS for omnichannel distribution

Case Study: a flexible solution thanks to the highly dynamic SSI Carrier pouch sorter.

SSI Carrier used for automated e-commerce distribution at DSV

Case Study: High performance rates and efficient handling of peaks with SSI Carrier

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