Case Study MPE Plastics

MPE Plastics CEO Riccoardo Battagliotti

Case Study MPE Plastics

Automotive supplier goes full throttle with semi-automated system solution, including mobile racks and automated guided vehicles

In the wake of global growth and increasingly restrictive customer requirements, MPE Plastics in Turin, Italy, has decided to start their automation journey by implementing a state-of-the-art, holistic semi-automated intralogistics solution by SSI SCHAEFER. The solution combines a mobile racking system with 5,100 pallet storage locations and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which were integrated into the existing process. The Italian automotive supplier gains significant space and time, which can be used to accommodate further business growth.

„The performance rate per hour guaranteed by SSI SCHAEFER was achieved immediately after commissioning. “

Riccardo Battagliotti

MPE Plastics case study, MRS, AGVs, PE solution

Optimized inbound and outbound logistics reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness in dynamic markets


As a supplier of thermoplastic precision parts for the automotive industry, MPE Srl has operated in a demanding market for more than 40 years and has established the company as a top provider on a national and international level. High quality standards for their own products and services, as well as a customer-focused mindset, were crucial for their success and continuous expansion.

•    Utilized warehouse space: The warehouse space cannot be expanded due to the structural conditions

•    Low picking performance: Insufficient delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates lead to declining customer satisfaction 

•    Threat to competitiveness: Cost pressure due to manual warehouse processes with rising personnel costs

•    No continuous flow of goods: material buffering leads to unproductive work processes and takes up storage space

•    Meet just-in-time, just-in-sequence and Kanban specifications

•    High responsiveness and reliable availability of goods

•    Due to general conditions, change from manual processing to partial automation

•    Solution must be integrated into two existing halls in a limited space

•    Reduction of operating and personnel costs

MPE opted for a combined system solution by SSI SCHAEFER, consisting of mobile racks and automated guided vehicles. The installation of the mobile racking system with 5,100 pallet spaces within the structural conditions as well as the implementation of the AGVs required a seven-month construction period.

Both buildings are connected by a bridge at a height of six meters. Pallets with goods from production are transferred to a conveyor belt, lifted vertically to the second level and fed into the mobile racking system. 

AGVs carry out the storage of pallets as well as the retrieval of required load carriers, their transport and provision to the shipping area.

Project success


Thanks to this interlinked whole-site system, MPE Plastics gained space, stabilized material flow on a constantly high level and reduced costs in the long run.

These goals were realized

✓    Recovering storage space 
More storage space in less area by using a mobile racking system, enables the development of production capacity and business development opportunities.

✓    Optimization of work processes
No work time interruptions, reliable 24/7 operation to increase throughput and improve material flow.

✓    Improvement of process quality.
Serve increasing market requirements to ensure competitiveness.

Customer experience

Objectives achieved, process quality improved

Products for our project success

Mobile Racking ESX

Mobile pallet racks

Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Automated Guided Vehicles