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Do you have questions regarding certain processes or procedures?

You may find a corresponding answer here:

  • Yes, that is possible! Our recruiters are happy to hear from you. 

  • If a job is no longer on the website, it is not possible to apply directly for this position. You can check our job overview to see if there is still something for you or send an speculativ application.

  • If you have questions about the details of a certain position, please contact the responsible recruiter. You will find the contact details at the bottom of the job advertisement.

  • It is best to apply for the position that suits you best. In your letter of motivation please indicate that you are also interested in another positions. Our recruiters will then take this into account.

  • You can! Please note the requirements of the vacancy.

  • Once you have applied, you will receive a confirmation email from us. One of our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible regarding a possible follow-up to the application process. Please note that we review the applications very carefully and that this takes some time.

  • We will first call you for an initial interview. More detailed interviews might be necessary. Therefore we will contact you again. In case of a positiv match, we will then schedule a final hiring interview. 

  • It is not possible to apply by post. Please apply directly via email.

  • Please apply exclusively for one advertised internship position. You are welcome to refer in your cover letter to other vacancies that may be of interest to you. If you agree, we will also be happy to check your application for other internship opportunities that match your profile.

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Kompānija, kur jaunākās tehnoloģijas satiekas ar dzīves vērtībām? Laipni lūdzam SSI SCHAEFER! Uzziniet vairāk par to, kas ir mūsu virzītājspēks, un ko Jūs varat sagaidīt no mums, kā darba devēja.

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Karjera SSI SCHAEFER kompānijā

Kur mēs atrodamies? Sešos kontinentos, 7 ražošanas filiālēs un kopā ap 10,000 darbinieku visapkārt pasaulei. Kļūsti par daļu no mums!

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