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Onlıne Logimat Standımız

Canlı: LogiMAT fuarındaki standlarımızı, stand gösterilerimizi ve fuar gündemlerimizi dijital ve multimedya temelli yeni ortamımızda deneyimleyin!

Şimdiden iyi eğlenceler dileriz!

Flexibility and quality

With the custom-designed system, Suning is responding to the ongoing boom in omni-channel retail and meeting the growing demand in e-commerce. It is all about high speed with simultaneous delivery quality and flexibility as well as maximum ergonomics in all intralogistics processes. The distribution center stores around 20 million items and processes up to 1.8 million items per day. Maximum availability, safety, and cost-effectiveness round off the demands on the logistics solution to react even more dynamically to the increased market requirements in the face of further expansions for the company.