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The challenges in production logistics

To meet the high productivity pressure, industrial companies must design their material flow seamlessly, reliably, and cost-efficiently.

Yet they repeatedly come up against the same pain points:

  • Complex incoming goods processes: A wide variety of items must be received, checked, sorted, registered, and made available at the right place at the right time.

  • Stagnant material flow: the connection between the warehouse and production is a bottleneck: if the material flow stagnates, performance suffers and, in the worst case, there is a risk of downtime.

  • High costs: the rise in prices for transportation and energy as well as the large amount of space required by warehouses threaten the profitability of production.

  • Staff shortages and costs: there is a lack of skilled workers for manual logistics processes and high personnel costs are increasingly becoming a burden.

Would you like to face these challenges and take your production logistics to a new level? Then let's work together! As experienced intralogistics experts, we know exactly what is important and can implement your semi- or fully automated system solution - customized, sustainable and future-proof.

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Industry Paper: The Production of Tomorrow

Why the manufacturing industry needs smart logistics solutions and how you can use them to gain a competitive advantage can be read in our guide!

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Storage, Conveying, Picking: How Efficient Is Your Production Supply?

The aim of efficient production logistics is to optimize the flow of materials from incoming goods to the raw materials warehouse and production to the finished goods warehouse to shorten the lead time of production, meaning to reduce the time from work order to completion of the product.

Whether in mechanical engineering, plastics processing or another sector of the manufacturing industry, smooth intralogistics is required to handle the enormous number of raw materials, semi-finished products, and vendor parts. Everything must be in the right place at the right time and in the right quantity - this is the only way to keep your production running smoothly and economically.

This has become abundantly clear in the past: In the face of repeated disruptions to global supply chains, many companies have found it difficult to maintain production. Those who had built up their own stocks of raw materials had a clear advantage here. Close integration of production and logistics is therefore the best way to remain flexible and competitive in the long term.

Your Industry – Our Solution!

Production logistics is only as good as the systems that keep your goods moving. We offer you everything you need for effective distribution: With modular, scalable solutions and our intelligent logistics software WAMAS, we ensure just-in-time material supply in your production.

Whether classic warehousing and conveyor technology, automated high-bay warehouses, shuttle or picking systems: We support you with tailor-made components that fit seamlessly into your system and can be flexibly adapted to new conditions and future growth. In this way, we make your processes even more efficient - and accompany you step by step on the way to automating your production logistics.

Reach Your Goal Faster: Optimize Incoming Goods Processes

Our semi- and fully automated picking and storage systems save you valuable time compared to manual incoming goods processes. Do you need bundled items of different variants and sizes? Our intelligent solutions also make it easy to create KITs of different goods.

Thanks to the perfect interaction of all components, all details of your delivery can also be recorded, and the flow of information maintained throughout. In this way, you always have an overview of all products - and can increase the throughput of your production through seamless processes in incoming goods.

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Top Performance: Improve Production Supply

With the help of conveyor technology, tugger trains or automated guided vehicles, we enable you to connect your warehouse directly to production. Requirements are automatically recorded, replenishment is triggered, and your empty container management can also be integrated. As a result, you benefit from the best possible utilization of your machines and avoid process-related downtimes.

Is your company growing? No problem: our high-density storage solutions create additional space that you can use for new machines or additional production lines. Automated storage, conveying and picking also have a qualitative impact on your production: Smart solutions such as our robots ensure particularly gentle product handling and thus minimize your error rate.

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The Workplace of the Future: Countering the Shortage of Skilled Workers

Are you also experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in your industry? With our automated logistics solutions, you can compensate for missing workers and maintain your production even in high sickness rates or short-term absences. You gain planning security, increase the efficiency of your production - and save on personnel costs.

At the same time, by automating your production logistics, you create a more attractive workplace for your employees: Ergonomic concepts such as our semi-automatic picking solutions reduce physical strain and make manual work much more pleasant. Safety in your workshop is also significantly improved using state-of-the-art technologies.

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More Space, Lower Costs: Increase Your Efficiency

Intermediate storage, internal transportation, or external suppliers: these are all cost drivers that can be eliminated with well-designed production logistics. We support you in getting the most out of your existing capacities and combining both material supply and spare parts logistics under one roof.

With a customized storage solution from SSI SCHAEFER, you not only ensure your ability to deliver, but also save significant energy costs through optimized use of space and state-of-the-art technologies. Our experts will advise you personally and analyze your requirements in detail. In this way, we identify unnecessary processes and eliminate them so that you can work even more economically in the future.

Not sure whether warehouse automation makes sense and whether this investment is worthwhile? Our experts will review your options with you and design a tailor-made solution for your needs.

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Case Studies: This Is What Your Production Logistics Could Look Like

How was the plastic galvanizing specialist C+C Krug able to increase its availability speed by 90%?

How does the automotive supplier Brose manage to store almost 24,000 containers and supply assembly with the right type, quantity, and time without delays?

And how does the automotive supplier MPE goes full throttle with semi-automated system solution, including mobile racks and automated guided vehicles?

Learn more about our successfully implemented projects from a wide range of industries - and gain an impression of what we can make possible for your production logistics!

Cooperation C+C Krug and SSI SCHAEFER english

Case Study C+C Krug: The Path to Automation with SSI LOGIMAT® & WEASEL®

At C+C Krug GmbH, the combination of vertical storage lifts, AGVs and bin conveyor technology convinces with 90% faster availability.

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More time for innovation. Our SAP expertise sets new global standards for Brose.

Case Study Brose

More time for innovation. Our SAP expertise sets new global standards for Brose.
A success story.

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MPE Plastics CEO Riccoardo Battagliotti

Case Study MPE Plastics

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Good Reasons to Choose SSI SCHAEFER

Avoid supply chain disruptions, reduce costs, prepare production for future growth - whatever you have in mind:

With SSI SCHAEFER, you have a partner with many years of experience at your side. As the global market leader in intralogistics, we are also at home in your industry and develop concepts that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

We always keep an eye on the big picture, think long-term and get the most out of your situation with the help of precise analyses.

Semi- or fully automated? Retrofit or new build? Individual components or a comprehensive complete solution?

Together we will find the best option for your production logistics! Scalable, modular - but never off the shelf.

With SSI SCHAEFER, you always get everything from a single source. We advise you personally and support you from planning to implementation and beyond. This results in long-term partnerships and success stories that we are proud of:

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What is production logistics?

 Production logistics is an area of logistics and combines the areas of incoming goods, storage, and outgoing goods with a company's production to ensure smooth processes. It optimizes organizational and planning procedures as well as logistical processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure product quality.

It includes the planning, management and control of storage, transportation, and handling processes within the company and, if available, between different production sites.

Why does it make sense to optimize production logistics?

By optimizing production supply and production dispatch, you can achieve higher throughput and profits with less work. The typical weak points in production can be eliminated with the help of our logistics solutions: The complex incoming goods process can be made efficient and transparent, and production can be improved in quality and protected against downtime. In addition, costs can be saved in many areas using automated concepts and production can be carried out economically despite a shortage of skilled workers.

What production logistics solutions does SSI SCHAEFER offer?

We offer you a wide range of solutions for storing, conveying, and picking your raw materials, products and spare parts. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between manual, semi-automated or fully automated logistics systems. Whether for production disposal or for supplying your production: we work closely with you to find the right concept for you and thus optimize your production process. In this way, we always provide you with a tailor-made, flexible and future-proof solution for your production.

For which industries are the logistics solutions suitable?

For almost every industry! Our team of specialized experts is familiar with all areas of the manufacturing industry. Whether mechanical engineering, plastics processing, automotive parts suppliers, or other mechanical production: we will find the optimal solution for you and make your production logistics fit for the future!

Learn which components I need for my production?

Our experts will work with you to carry out a detailed needs analysis and advise you individually and personally. We then compile the most suitable components for your system and requirements from our broad portfolio and develop a tailor-made overall concept. Our solutions for your production logistics are scalable, modular and can therefore be flexibly adapted to future changes.

Does SSI SCHAEFER also offer the right Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Yes, with our WAMAS logistics software, we offer you a 360-degree modular software system for your production logistics. Here too, we can advise you personally on your options and adapt our software to your specific requirements.

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