WAMAS MFS (Material Flow System)

Software for Intralogistics and Automation


Real-Time Material Flow Control, from Goods-in to Goods-out

Automation of warehouse processes is becoming more and more common. However, implementing automated systems requires intralogistics to coordinate the machines’ movements.

Whether for new warehouse construction or retrofit, for implementation or optimization: WAMAS MFS increases throughput and optimizes material flows in your automated warehouse. Our software solution controls all elements of your system seamlessly. Whether high-bay or automated small parts warehouses, shuttles, automated guided vehicles or picking locations.

Increase your productivity and protect your systems with a single solution to control all your logistics flows. WAMAS MFS controls and coordinates all aspects of your automated material flow.

What does MFS mean?

Material flow systems sit between the warehouse management system (WMS) and the device controller (PLC). It includes functions for coordinating, monitoring and transport, as well as options for replenishment picking.

The material handling software is responsible for controlling the movement of goods: From goods-in, to storage and picking, all the way to shipping. It coordinates and optimizes the sequence of work steps, controls order processing and issues travel commands to the PLCs for machines. Beyond Europe, the Material Flow System (MFS) is often also called Warehouse Control System (WCS).

When should I use a material flow system?

For every automated warehouse

WAMAS MFS is the system for control of your automated warehouse. It supports the full spectrum of complexity in automation and robotics integration. From the simplest conveyor system to the most sophisticated automation solution with automated receiving, storage, picking, sortation and loading subsystems.

For new installations

The MFS adapts to your needs. If you are building a new logistics center, we will be with you every step of the way. We coordinate the WCS interfaces needed for the various warehouse control and automation systems software programs.

For warehouse expansions

If you are upgrading your warehouse, we support you during ongoing operations. We link our material flow control to your existing technology. Our efficient project management keeps your system fully functional at all times during the upgrade.

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4 Benefits of WAMAS MFS - How You Can Profit!

Highest performance of single machine & entire warehouse

A machine or device is only as good as the fulfillment software that controls it. The potential for efficiency gains is enormous. The WAMAS MFS software coordinates the movements of all the automated equipment in the system to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

High & low season management

Flexible routing strategies allow independent control of material flows, whether to manage for peak performance or to optimize buffer space in conveying systems.

Open interfaces

WAMAS MFS adapts to your existing infrastructure. The material flow control has an open interface to the automated systems and is independent of the platform, database and hardware used. Standardized interfaces reduce installation time and make it possible to offer a complete package attuned to and optimized for your warehouse.


WAMAS MFS runs independently of any conveying system or other technology you may already be using. You can even connect multiple different mechanisms at the same time. Benefit from our manufacturer-independent approach and many years of logistics experience for an optimized workflow in your warehouse.


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