As the world’s leading logistics systems provider, SSI SCHAEFER offers you complete IT competence from a single source.

Warehouse Software for the Intralogistics Challenges of Today & Tomorrow

Digitalization and Smart Logistics Boost Agility and Efficiency

Digitalization, automation and smart logistics are topics that are being discussed in many companies. This is because performance potential is still hidden in numerous existing intralogistics systems, and this potential is often far from being fully utilized. Even new systems – whether manual or (partially) automated – have to be consistently optimized in order to fully exploit their performance potential.

The only way to fully exploit all this potential is with the help of modern, sophisticated logistics software that boasts a combination of standardization and flexibility.

Flexible, High-Performance Warehousing with the WAMAS Portfolio

The WAMAS software portfolio from SSI SCHAEFER provides you with a 360-degree software toolbox, allowing you to boost the performance of your intralogistics to a completely new level.

WAMAS warehouse solutions are made up of perfectly coordinated products, modules and solutions. These can be implemented according to a "mix and match" principle to provide exactly what your warehouse project or distribution concept requires. If new challenges arise, existing structures can be easily adapted and expanded at any time.


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Advantages of intralogistics software solutions from SSI SCHAEFER

IT expert Andreas Engel talks about tactics and development of SSI SCHAEFER software solutions

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Intelligent solutions for the intralogistics challenges of today and tomorrow

Software Solutions for your logistics

WAMAS® logistics software: SSI SCHAEFER’s proprietary WAMAS® logistics software offers you transparent monitoring and control functions along with the complete coverage of your logistics needs and optimal integration into the systems for your intralogistics processes.

WAMAS® GO! warehouse management system: WAMAS® GO! is the standardized entry-level option into the world of WAMAS® logistics software for small and mid-sized companies.

SAP solutions: As a certified SAP Silver Partner, SSI SCHAEFER offers you SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solutions.

WAMAS®enterprise solutions: the integrated management instrument for warehousing, transport and resource management.

KPIs and dashboard solutions: WAMAS® Lighthouse visualizes your system and the material flow, provides key performance indicators along with configurable dashboards for comprehensive monitoring and control options.

Using the WAMAS® Lighthouse you can view, measure, and analyze the heartbeat of your system in order to make effective decisions. The central information platform visualizes your entire system including the material flow. It analyzes key performance indicators and offers you an extensive range of options for monitoring and control. The dashboards can be adapted to a variety of different user groups, combining technical and logistical views with operative data. Furthermore, it can also operate together with existing systems.

Customer Service & Support CSS

SSI SCHAEFER is the reliable partner that speaks your language and supports you throughout your system’s entire life cycle. With a comprehensive service portfolio that ranges from mechatronic support, software solutions and preventive maintenance, SSI SCHAEFER supports your logistics on location. In-depth training familiarizes your employees with the SSI SCHAEFER IT landscapes, guaranteeing the stability of your system at all times. We guarantee you the highest availability of all systems, short reaction times, and long term support for your company’s growth. You can rely on us.

  • Flexible service contracts with optional 24/7 support

  • Guaranteed reaction times for service call-outs

  • Competent on-site assistance

WAMAS® in practice

The intralogistics software in use at HARIBO

A tale of little Gold-Bears and major challenges

If intralogistics is an orchestra, then IT is the conductor. WAMAS® software developed by SSI SCHAEFER manages multiple components, combining them to create a single...

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HARIBO - A tale of little Gold-Bears and major challenges


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