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We’re there for you from the very beginning. With our broad SSI SCHAEFER Service portfolio, we keep your logistics solution running smoothly at all times!

Customer Service & Support

You Can Rely on Our Service Anytime, Anywhere!

At SSI SCHAEFER, we’re always thinking ahead. Commissioning your systems is just the beginning – we’re with you throughout your system’s entire life cycle and offer expert support in every situation. Our SSI SCHAEFER Service is geared towards your precise needs and preferences and supports you with state-of-the-art technologies like data-based preventive maintenance and remote support through augmented reality.


SSI SCHAEFER's Service Portfolio: The Future Is Now

We know the key to successful logistics: maximum availability and short response times when service is required. So we offer a broad portfolio of services and our Support 4.0, using state-of-the-art technologies like data-based preventive maintenance and remote support through augmented reality.

Customer Service & Support Reactive Services

Reactive Services

Customer Service & Support Preventive Services

Preventive Services

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat® - Assembly / Maintenance

Life Cycle - Management

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Warehouse Safety Management

Reactive Maintenance - Problem? Solved!

Downtime not an option? We feel the same way! If something goes wrong in your system, we’ll be there right away – any time, day or night. We’ll use Smart Augmented Support to analyze the problem remotely and provide on-site assistance whenever you need us.

Our reactive maintenance services:
- 24/7 Technical Support
- Call Out Support
- SSI Augmented Support

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Customer Service & Support Reactive Services

Preventive Maintenance for Long-Term Reliability

With our SSI SCHAEFER preventive maintenance services, you’ll always be one step ahead. Through our digital Maintenance Center, we can control maintenance activities on your system efficiently; when action is required, we detect the issue early on.

Our preventive maintenance includes:
- Maintenance
- Inspection
- Safety Check
- Rack Inspection
- System monitoring
- Cyber Security
- Training & Certification

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Customer Service & Support Preventive Services

Life Cycle Management for a Longer System Lifespan

Maximum performance and availability throughout the whole lifespan of a system – our Life Cycle Management helps you get the best from your equipment. We offer tailored solutions to increase efficiency and extend service life.

Our life cycle management services include:
- SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP)
- Retrofit
- Global Spare Parts Service

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Customer Service & Support CSS

Safety First in the Warehouse!

With our SSI SCHAEFER Service, you’ll always be on the safe side. Our warehouse safety management helps you comply with all the relevant standards and regulations and make your operations efficient and safe.

Our services for your warehouse safety:
- Rack Inspection
- Rack maintenance and repair
- Rack safety training
- Rack implementation
- Safety signage (information signs for load capacity and warnings)

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Rack Inspection

CSS Interactive: Discover Our Customer Service and Support

Whether you need urgent service now or are looking forwards towards the future, we keep your system running at full capacity at all times. Choose the exact support you need for your logistics and create your tailored service package. See what that might look like inside!

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