WAMAS Overhead Conveyor: The Clever Software for Pouch Sorters

Intelligent Sorting and Sequencing with WAMAS Overhead Conveyor


Intelligent Logistics Software for Powerful Pouch Sorter

Overhead conveying systems are ideal for omnichannel applications in the areas fashion, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and retail with very high demands regarding performance. Items such as clothing, shoes, cosmetics or household articles up to a weight of 2.5 kg are transported in the pouches. The floor-free transport below the ceiling maximizes space utilization.

One carrier can transport, store, sort, and arrange flat and hanging items, achieving high efficiency in one system. The automated sortation solution brings customer orders in any desired sequence and ensures effective returns handling, which makes it particularly well-suited for e-commerce. The logistics software WAMAS controls these processes precisely and efficiently.

Benefits & Key Functionalities of WAMAS Overhead Conveyor

  • Clever sorting and sequencing of flat and hanging goods

  • Efficient returns handling with temporary storage in dynamic buffers

  • Quick preparation of collective orders and prioritized orders

  • Suited for multichannel/omnichannel, enables a simultaneous processing of orders of different sizes and for different channels.

The specialized software module WAMAS Overhead Conveyor assumes the control of the pouch sorter.


Flexible Application Scenarios

  • Stand-alone Application: The WAMAS Overhead Conveyor module can be integrated as an independent module and can be smoothly connected via interfaces to already existing warehouse management systems (WMS).

  • All-in-One System: alternatively you can make use of the benefits of a perfectly matched integrated WAMAS all-in-one solution, which in addition to the module WAMAS Overhead Conveyor contains WAMAS WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WAMAS MFS (Material Flow System).

Intelligent Algorithms of the Software

WAMAS channels the goods by means of a clever sorting algorithm (Matrix sorting). A delicate cashmere scarf, for example, should not get tangled up with clumsy sneakers? A packing scheme for gentle product handling is achieved thanks to intelligent sequencing. The items reach the work stations in the exact and desired sequence. Heavy items come first, then lighter and especially delicate and precious parts such as the cashmere scarf follow. 

Efficient Returns Handling in the Overhead Conveying System

Returns handling is made easier with the WAMAS Overhead Conveyor. Returned goods can temporarily stay in dynamic buffers thereby avoiding to have to store them again. The goods remain directly accessible, process costs are minimized and a quick provision of items which are often requested is ensured.

Also, the software can consolidate orders according to given criteria. Collective orders and orders with priority notice can be prepared fast and efficiently. These are then provided for shipping to the customer or for commerce.


WAMAS MFS (Material Flow System)

Software for Intralogistics and Automation

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