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Update No. 32

Highlight projects and future-proof solutions | Why cloud computing requires trust | Product Spotlight – New Models of Success

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Another success story - 4 LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules for TOOLS Finland Oy

Since the beginning of 2017, TOOLS Finland Oy has been using four LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules from SSI SCHÄFER for storing and picking small items for the industrial sector. The stated aim of increasing the picking performance by approximately 40 percent was achieved only a few weeks after the automated machines were commissioned.

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Компания Incas присоединилась к SSI Schäfer group

Neunkirchen - Vigliano Biellese – представитель SSI Schäfer group в Германии, один из мировых поставщиков внутрилогистических систем и решений завершила абсолютное приобретение Incas S.p.A, ведущего итальянского поставщика в области производственно-сбытовой автоматизации.

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SSI SCHÄFER реализует высоко технологичный дистрибьюционый центр IKEA в Монреале

Компания SSI SCHÄFER реализует высоко технологичный дистрибьюционый центр IKEA в Монреале, поставляющий продукцию в США и Канаду.
Новый центр будет поддерживать нынешний формат розничной торговли, только с ускоренным сервисом и улучшеной организацией складских потоков.

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Intralogistics Solutions from A-Z – All from a Single Source

Galexis AG is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler serving the Swiss healthcare market. While currently equipped with a high-tech distribution center located in Niederbipp, the leading pharma wholesaler is once again expanding its capabilities due to rapid growth. In order to meet these increasing customer needs, Galexis AG solicited the help of SSI SCHAEFER to further capacities and to gain a competitive market edge.

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Efficient warehousing for Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen

Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen GmbH contracted SSI SCHAEFER to build its new logistics center at the company's headquarters in Treuchtlingen, Germany. The combination of high bay warehouse (HBW), conveying systems and electric monorail systems, coupled with the customized WAMAS® logistics software, will in future facilitate optimal and efficient warehouse logistics.

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Farla places trust in further LogiMat® lifts

Farla is an Italian cooperative that distributes medicines and parapharmaceuticals. It is headquartered in Latina and also has a site in Viterbo. It tasked SSI SCHAEFER with maximising space utilization and streamlining warehousing processes for slow-moving stock. Against this background, the intralogistics expert installed three LogiMat® vertical storage lifts.

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SSI SCHAEFER's First SAP Customer Day

On its first SAP Customer Day, the global leader in intralogistics, SSI SCHAEFER, presented and discussed the future challenges for intralogistics at its Giebelstadt technology center. The focus was on increasingly complex business processes, digitalization, and supply chain management in real time as well as the topics of sustainability, big data, and mobility. Varied presentations from experts and customers as well as a hands-on tour of the technology center gave the 55 invited guests an understanding of different solutions and provided ample opportunity for discussions on individual logistics projects and technological innovations.

[---Image_alt---] SSI SCHAEFER welcomes 1000th visitor group at technological centre [DAM:IMAGE:RU:2568]

SSI SCHAEFER welcomes 1000th group of visitors to its Technology Center

On 16 May 2017, SSI SCHAEFER welcomed the 1000th group of visitors to the facility – representatives of bevh, Germany’s eCommerce and Mail Order Association. As Christian Milster, an expert for eCommerce and process management at bevh, stated: “We and our members gained unique insights into SSI SCHAEFER’s market-leading, state-of-the-art solutions. The guided tour of the highly advanced Technology Center in Giebelstadt left a profound impression.”


SSI SCHAEFER at transport logistic 2017

An expert partner with outstanding software for diverse market requirements: SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH at transport logistic 2017 / Hall B 2.629. IT knowledge plays a pivotal role in SSI SCHAEFER’s business strategy – a fact underlined by a dedicated stand for SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH at the transport logistic 2017 trade fair (9th to 12th May in Munich). As intralogistics requirements grow increasingly complex, IT skills will be key to mastering the challenges of customers in various industries – and to developing high-performance, future-proof solutions.

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Budweiser Expands its Operations with SSI SCHAEFER

Traditional Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar has commissioned SSI SCHAEFER as a general contractor to create and equip a new distribution center at its production site in České Budějovice (Budweis).

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LET’S TALK: innovative live panel discussions

SSI SCHAEFER is adding an exciting new feature to its presence at the LogiMAT logistics trade fair, in Stuttgart, Germany, from 14 to 16 March 2017. The enterprise will host a series of panel discussions throughout the event. Entitled “LET’S TALK – SSI SCHAEFER’s Expert Panel”, these will explore key topics, with insights from logistics experts and opinion leaders.

[---Image_alt---] MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR s.r.o., the wholesale subsidiary of METRO GROUP Wholesale and Food Specialist [DAM:IMAGE:RU:3270]

SSI SCHAEFER Receives Major Order from the Czech Republic

MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR s.r.o., the wholesale subsidiary of METRO GROUP Wholesale and Food Specialist company in the Czech Republic, has tasked SSI SCHAEFER with the creation of a modern logistics center at its site in Kozomín, north of the country's capital Prague. SSI SCHAEFER is implementing a holistic logistics solution, which includes the establishment of an extensive conventional racking system for various temperature zones, a 10-aisle automated miniload system (ASPW), 16 Schäfer Carousel Systems (SCS), a bin conveying system, three picking stations with sequencing towers as well as the implementation of the WAMAS® Warehouse Management Software (WMS) from SSI SCHAEFER.

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Intralogistics experienced first-hand in China

The SSI SCHAEFER Group is the first company in the sector to open a technology centre for the Chinese market in Kunshan near Shanghai. The facility – with a showroom, convention centre and development department – represents a crucial, strategic factor in tapping the growing market in the region.

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NextLevel Logistik: repeat order WEASEL® fleet

SSI SCHAEFER has delivered another fleet of WEASEL automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to fashion logistics service provider NextLevel Logistik® GmbH. The vehicles are being used in the picking area of a hanging goods warehouse.