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Career at SSI SCHAEFER (Giebelstadt)

Your vocational training at SSI SCHAEFER, Giebelstadt

During your vocational training, you will work in departments that are appropriate for your skills and interests. You will actively support our employees with current projects, which will provide you with the opportunity to gain your first international career experience as part of your training.


At SSI SCHAEFER, Giebelstadt we are currently offering the following apprenticeships:

  • Mechatronic technician

  • Electronic technician in automation systems

  • Technical product designer

  • IT specialist for application development

  • IT specialist for system integration

  • Office management

 You can obtain detailed information about our apprenticeships from our Human Resources Department (Personal(at)

SSI Schaefer Automation GmbH also offers a combined vocational training and degree program in cooperation with the renowned DHBW Mosbach. Depending on the degree program, you can earn a Bachelor of Engineering/Science/Arts degree in 3 years.

The cooperative universities expand the educational landscape alongside technical colleges and universities. This study model is based around alternating three-month theory phases at the cooperative university and three-month practical phases at the company.

During the course of your studies at university you will learn the theoretical foundation, which you will then be able to utilize within SSI SCHAEFER for specific work tasks and projects. This provides the perfect combination of theory and practical study.

We offer you:

  • Responsible and challenging tasks with flexibility and the opportunity to work independently

  • The chance to obtain practical experience overseas upon showing adequate commitment

  • An attractive salary and, thus, financial independence throughout the entire course of your studies

  • The opportunity to join our company immediately after completing your degree.

At SSI SCHAEFER, Giebelstadt we currently offer you the following cooperative studies:

  • Mechatronics

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Applied information technology

  • Industrial business studies

Working student

Would you like to gain valuable professional experience during your studies or simply ensure your financial independence? Then join us as a working student.

We offer you the opportunity to contribute your theoretical knowledge to projects and supporting activities within our team.

The benefits are obvious:

  • An insight into a family-owned company that operates worldwide

  • Flexible working hours

  • Appealing financial benefits

  • Strengthen and utilize your theoretical knowledge

  • Good prospects for a permanent position after successfully completing your studies

Use your time as a working student to convince us of your qualities. This may be your springboard into our company.

If you are interested in a job as a working student at an innovative company, do not hesitate and apply now! Please specify the date on which you could start, the area in which you would like to work and the duration that you would like to work with us for .

You can find the current working student jobs here.

We look forward to working alongside motivated and dedicated students during our projects!

At SSI SCHAEFER we are always looking for students from technical and commercial courses of study who wish to complete an internship at a family-owned company that operates worldwide. You will be involved in a variety of different projects, depending on your personal qualifications and availability. This will give you an opportunity to gain an insight into the complex world of logistics along with valuable career experience.

As a company that operates worldwide, we also offer international internships for students looking to work and study overseas.

Have you almost completed your degree and are looking for a challenging final thesis (diploma, bachelor or master’s thesis)? We offer you the opportunity to write your final thesis at an innovative and internationally active company. While you will benefit from our expertise, we will also benefit from your findings.

A high-quality topic is the foundation for a successful final thesis and represents the key to your career start.

We would be interested to hear from you if you would like to write your final thesis at our company. Your work will also receive attractive financial compensation.

We will actively support you with the search for suitable accommodation or will provide you with an apartment depending on your specific situation and the available accommodation.

We look forward to your creative ideas and interesting thesis proposals.