Since the beginning of 2017, TOOLS Finland Oy has been using four LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules from SSI SCHÄFER for storing and picking small items for the industrial sector. The stated aim of increasing the picking performance by approximately 40 percent was achieved only a few weeks after the automated machines were commissioned.

The integrated vertical lift modules at TOOLS Finland are approximately 9.8 meters high, 4.5 meters wide and 3 meters deep. They contain a total of roughly 6,800 small parts, such as hand tools, nuts, and bolts, which are distributed over 70 trays each with a maximum load of up to 450 kilograms. This stock now stored over only 54 square meters of horizontal space makes up about 30 percent of the total range of items available in the company’s distribution center in Kotka. Thanks to the compact design of LOGIMAT® vertical lift, the full height of the room is now being used as efficiently as possible.

Semi Hurtta, Warehouse Manager at TOOLS Finland Oy says "These lifts were absolutely necessary so that we can continue to be the number one choice for our customers going forward. In March, we already achieved a new record for the total number of lines, with a figure of 48,000 order lines. We also found it impressive that SSI SCHÄFER is a large, globally active company with a local presence, and which is also backed up by outstanding references from around the world.”

The vertical lift modules are controlled using a touch screen with a user-friendly and language-independent user interface that visualizes the information using icons, meaning no costly training period is necessary. Information displayed includes the device status and the items required for picking. TOOLS Finland Oy is also using one of the three preconfigured option packages on offer, which allows SSI SCHÄFER’s vertical lift modules to be easily adapted to individual requirements. These expand the basic functions and focus on aspects such as ergonomics, performance, and maintenance. The selected package, which focuses on speed and efficiency, includes the “LOGIPOINTER”, a laserpointer system for indicating the pick compartment. 

With the aid of “LOGIBAR”, travel times can be reduced by confirming removal of the goods via a continuous light barrier fitted underneath the service hatch. This also has a positive effect on the productive performance. Another option used is “ LOGIPOWER”: a motor than allows for increased travel speeds, meaning access times during picking are reduced even further. Last but not least, future viability is guaranteed. If, as the company develops and grows, further performance increases are required in its intralogistics operations, the number of LOGIMATs can easily be raised. Additionally or alternatively, other options packages for functional enhancements can be procured, or conveying sections can be connected.


Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT® for faster picking processes