Reduce CO₂ emissions through volume reduction

75-80% space saving by ecological returnable containers of SSI SCHAEFER

Maxing out all possible savings and protecting the environment – this characterizes our nesting containers. These containers are in fact space-saving miracles and ensure a decisive performance increase. Whether by tilting the bail arms of our conical reusable containers or a mere 180 degree turn of the EUROFIX boxes – nesting containers save up to 75% of volume because they can be simply stacked into one another when empty. Stackable swap containers show their benefits in manual handling as well as in automated warehouses. Their bottom is designed for optimum use on conveying sections and in the miniload to transport the goods safely and error-free in extremely economic picking and transport containers through the system.

For storage and transport processes of mostly large, light goods many of our customers continue to go for the Fix-Boxes. Our customers find that this reusable system is the perfect solution for their requirements thanks to the little investment and simple implementation. The large, stable containers transport the goods quickly through the material flow. The Fix-Boxes are equipped with stable handles and a stacking rim to facilitate easy handling of the containers by the operators.

Cost-efficiency and durability are the characteristics of our foldable and collapsible containers that fulfill all basic requirements of modern reusable containers. Off the cuff, the containers can be easily folded or erected – of course, not only manually but also using downstream automatic container erectors. When the empty containers are folded, up to 80% of space can be saved. The containers stop goods getting dirty and protect them against damage and unauthorized access during storage and transport.

Reference dm: Sustainable store supply for decades

More transport capacity and less volume of empty transports are the requirements of modern store deliveries. The drugstore chain dm Austria also opts for the foldable and collapsible plastic containers, series FKE, from SSI SCHAEFER. These are used as a standard for picking and distribution to the dm stores and then utilized within the return cycle within a closed transport loop. Thanks to the high quality, durability, little failure rate and reduction of transport costs of empty containers due to reduced volume, the store deliveries are extremely cost-efficient.

Climate-friendly supply chain in the long run

Whether for manual handling, in the miniload or on conveying sections, the SSI SCHAEFER returnable containers are used when it comes to efficient and sustainable saving of storage and transport costs. They protect sensitive products against damage and can be steadily stacked above one another so that the maximum storage heights in the warehouse can be used to full capacity. The loading space of the trucks is also optimally used. Inefficient empty return transports can be avoided thanks to volume reduction. If special applications call for the use of special containers, we develop sustainable reusable solutions, tailor-made for the requirements of our customers


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