SSI SCHAEFER has delivered a robust business solution for Symbion that is flexible and scalable - helping Symbion to cost-effectively supply in-full and on time on a daily basis.

The automated system is managed by WAMAS® logistics software. This includes the A-Frame, SSI Cuby shuttle system, 3D-MATRIX Solution®, goods-to-person two level Advanced Pick Stations and RF picking. The WEASEL® AGVs and the other various handling machines in the system are also managed by WAMAS®, as are the management screens and system reporting.

To ensure a successful go-live and smooth ramp-up, the system was comprehensively tested in conjunction with Symbion. Through extensive use of system emulation and innovative simulation of real order picking, it was possible to test the whole system at full capacity and throughput with real products. This resulted in a seamless and hugely successful go-live.

To provide optimal system performance, Symbion has opted for SSI SCHAEFER’s Resident Maintenance Module, a comprehensive service philosophy whereby SSI SCHAEFER service engineers are located on the site. This proactive service ensures any issues that arise are attended to immediately, delivering maximum up-time and optimal performance of the system, which are critical factors for the success of the project.

“With people from SSI SCHAEFER we do have a very good connection. We do have a great amount of interest from SSI SCHAEFER and their people in our business, who really try to understand how they can help us and make things better.

We are very pleased that we can work with partners like that to find solutions that work for us.”

Simon Bunde
Executive General Manager - Strategic Operations & Innovation at EBOS Group Ltd