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Flexible Omnichannel Distribution Thanks to SSI Carrier Pouch Sorter

If you are looking for suitable clothing and equipment for your next outdoor adventure, Fenix provides a wide range of premium goods. The portfolio of Fenix includes brands like Fjällräven, Hanwag, Brunton, Primus, Tierra and Royal Robbins and allows them to offer everything you would need for an exciting time and active recreation outside. The subsidiary Frilufts Retail Europe includes the online shops and approx. 70 stores of the retailers Naturkompaniet in Sweden, Partioaitta in Finland, Globetrotter in Germany and Friluftsland in Denmark.

Sophisticated intralogistics from a single source

In order to provide a smooth shopping experience and the highest service level online as well as in brick and mortar retail stores, optimum omnichannel management is essential.

SSI SCHAEFER worked as general contractor and created a tailor-made logistics solution including turnkey implementation for Fenix Outdoor Logistics. Optimum handling of different characteristics of sales channels played an important role. Store deliveries are all about correct pre-sorting and sequencing of goods, while e-commerce fulfillment stresses fast order processing of numerous small orders and highly efficient processing of returns.

The core element of the new system is the SSI Carrier, a highly dynamic pouch sorter for hanging and flat goods, with 25,000 pouches, six ergonomic loading stations and eleven ergonomic unloading stations. The scope of delivery also includes a three-story static R 3000 rack system with approximately 92,600 storage locations, a pallet rack system with more than 1,500 storage locations, two vertical lift conveyors, three telescopic conveyors and 1,500 order bins. Furthermore, there are in-feed and take-away conveyors for flat goods, used cartons and empty bins. The processes of the conveying system are managed and controlled by the SSI SCHAEFER logistics software WAMAS®.

The innovative pouch sorter SSI Carrier by SSI SCHAEFER is a modularly designed pouch conveyor for flexible and gentle transport of flat and hanging goods. It processes smaller orders typical for e-commerce as well as larger retail orders in any combination with a high level of efficiency. The main element of the SSI Carrier is the matrix sorter. The matrix sorter sorts pouches and creates customer orders out of the batches in sequence. In doing so, orders with different sizes and destinations can be processed at the same time, unloaded in desired sequences at unloading stations, packed and provided for shipment.

The SSI Carrier is crucial for fast returns processing. After a check, returned goods that are in high demand are stored directly in the dynamic buffer of the SSI Carrier. The goods are thus immediately back in the system and are fully automatically available for new orders and re-shipment at any time.

Pouch Sorter SSI Carrier

The pouch sorter is an extremely compact and versatile overhead conveying system for e-commerce distribution.

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Pouch Sorter SSI Carrier: A modular pouch sorter for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution

Highly Automated System for Efficient Omnichannel Distribution

A Smart Concept in Bagging, Sorting, and Processing

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"Best-In-Class" Logistics with New Logistics Center

During the first construction phase, a sophisticated intralogistics solution and an administration office were built on a 10,000 m² footprint.

The custom solution guarantees maximum efficiency in the warehouse for provision of goods and returns handling alike. The highly dynamic pouch sorter SSI Carrier serves to process 90 percent of orders for supplying stores and e-commerce customers with 100 percent process security.

What Our Customers Say

“The pouch sorter is an important component for our concept. It serves to process the majority of orders with a high degree of automation. This results in very short throughput times with significantly reduced costs and reliable processing.”

Felix Köhler,
Warehouse Manager at Fenix Outdoor Logistics

Fenix Outdoor Logistics Felix Köhler
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