Planning, implementation, and services

Concept design

A collaborative development of a solution to deliver a system that is scalable and can grow with Symbion’s business expansion plans. This facility provides industry leading service levels in a competitive market place. The collaborative partnership continued through construction, commissioning, software testing and ramp-up support.


SSI Resident Maintenance®

Storage systems


over 1,500 m² SSI Cuby footprint with 3 access levels

Storage locations (approx.)

up to 50,000 tote positions

approx. 4,000 pallet positions

Storage type

SSI Cuby 3D-MATRIX Solution®

SSI Cuby matrix specifications

5 aisles with over 100 SSI Cuby shuttles

Picking systems


Advanced Pick Stations: two-level


over 60 m long (750+ channels each side)

RF Picking

Bulky and non-totable goods

Handling systems

Conveying systems

Carton and bin conveying system Weasel® AGVs


Decanting stations

Document Drop machines

(in line automatic) shipping documentation

Lid Closing machines

Strapping machines

Shipping lanes



WAMAS® Logistics software

Warehouse Control Software (WCS)


  • Goods-to-Person picking for small items, including inner packs

  • A-Frame picking for fast moving small items

  • RF zone picking for heavier items

  • Management of the SSI Cuby automatic storage and retrieval system

  • Storage of dangerous goods

  • Automatic replenishment of the A-Frame CLS

  • Order start including tote destacking, tote emptying, tote labelling and carton orders

  • Management of material flows from order start to despatch

  • Check weighing and QA stations

  • Order finishing including lidding and strapping

  • Sortation to route of split case, full case, vault and fridge items