Experience, international organization, and worldwide references

You will receive everything from the design to the static configuration, the engineering and the production from us as a one-stop solution. SSI SCHAEFER’s steel construction provides individual solutions that make the very best use of the available space and conditions. Built to comply with the narrowest tolerances, the steel construction creates the secure foundation for maximum automated performance.

Our internationally experienced project managers develop unique solutions designed for your precise requirements. SSI SCHAEFER guarantees integrated and systematic planning together with safe and reliable installation. Furthermore, independent quality assurance inspectors guarantee compliance with our strict quality standards.

Picture of pallet racking at QuantiParts

Proven silo design

Racking systems encompass a broad range of designs. There is a vast spectrum of mixed configurations between fully automated high bay warehouses with a silo design and manually accessed racking systems. We differentiate between storage systems installed in a hall (in-house) or silo systems. With the silo design, the rack itself serves as the supporting structure for the roof and sides, eliminating the need to construct a separate hall.

SSI SCHAEFER’s attention to detail and precision and sophisticated technology makes it one of the few providers of automatic racking systems capable of manufacturing pallet silos far exceeding 40 meters height. Benefit from outstanding space saving thanks to compact construction, easier usage of the system due to the short installation times, and low operating costs. High bay warehouses with a silo design are an excellent alternative for construction heights higher than 20 meters.

Comprehensive accessories

In addition to the robust steel construction, SSI SCHAEFER also offers storage platforms, stairs, and safety equipment along with storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems. All components are manufactured in-house, where they are configured and produced to perfectly fit your specific high bay warehouse. Furthermore, we offer a range of additional services for warehouses such as roof and wall cladding as part of a comprehensive and complete product package.

Comprehensive support

The optimum solution for you depends on a number of different parameters. We are happy to advise you, and our experts have the necessary competence in design, static configuration engineering, and production. SSI SCHAEFER is a reliable partner and stands for long-term reliable investments. Our most complex systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years. We handle the complex project management for the construction of high bay warehouses and miniload systems, beginning with the initial idea, to the completion of the entire system.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Unique solutions individually designed for your needs

  • Diverse storage products and options, also in terms of the system size and height

  • Special storage systems possible

  • Handling of extremely demanding conditions such as deep-freeze temperatures

  • Reliable delivery chain as the steel construction and steel stocks are in-house

  • Professional project management and installation, supervised by internationally experienced project managers, certified to the International Project Management Standard

  • Extensive and comprehensive installation documentation

  • Reliable planning and costs

  • Branches worldwide to guarantee local expertise

  • Reduction of space through optimum usage

  • Racking systems have a diverse range of applications and enable the use of all common storage options

  • Systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years

  • Comprehensive range of accessories

  • After sales service from SSI SCHAEFER (repairs, rack inspections, spare parts, or modifications)