KNV: the state-of-the-art, automated media logistics center

The media wholesaler Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH (KNV) is the market leader in German-speaking countries. The company handles a product range encompassing more than 540,000 books, DVDs, recording media, games, and other media related products. In the process, KNV works with more than 4,700 suppliers and makes daily deliveries to approximately 5,500 media outlets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland using its own transport logistics.

SSI SCHAEFER installed an automatic miniload system (AMS) with 38 aisles to enable automated storage and retrieval of slow and slowest moving products and to make the best possible use of available space. One particular highlight is the high-performance pre-zone that connects the AMS with the Schaefer Carousel System (SCS). Other elements of the solution: 21 km of carton and container conveyor systems, pallet conveying systems, picking systems: 10 goods-to-person stations, 80 RF picking stations, 44 pick by voice stations, 108 pick by light work stations, 2 sorting loops, handling systems, and WAMAS® software.