ALP: New OMEGA Warehouse with Smart, Automated Logistics in SEA

  • Groundbreaking partnership delivers an outstanding high-bay indoor racking system.

  • Self-supporting rack construction optimizes space utilization and delivers high levels of stability in seismic zones.

SSI SCHAEFER, a global leader in intralogistics and automated warehouses, today announced its partnership with the Taiwan-based logistics property developer Ally Logistic Property (ALP) to deliver the core infrastructure at the heart of ALP's upcoming OMEGA 1 Bukit Raja — a smart warehouse with automation built in, featuring a high quality self-supported high-bay indoor racking system.

Located in Selangor, Malaysia, OMEGA 1 Bukit Raja is poised to become ALP’s largest automated warehouse in Southeast Asia. It encompasses a vast area of 1.8 million square feet and is valued at US$180 million (RM844 million), representing a significant stride forward. Additionally, the company is set to invest US$1 billion (RM4.68 billion) into Malaysia for the development of cutting-edge smart warehousing solutions, further propelling the nation's logistics industry to new heights.

One of the key advantages of OMEGA is the smart logistics infrastructure the facility provides - including SSI SCHAEFER’s cutting-edge rack solutions - effectively eliminating the need for clients to make their own substantial capital expenditures on automation. This strategic approach empowers clients to harness the benefits of advanced automation in a more cost-effective way.


“We are honored and thrilled that ALP has entrusted us to play a leading role in such a key facility,” remarked Mr. Chan Foong Chow, Director of Sales, Integrator Business Solutions SSI SCHAEFER. “Through delivering the core infrastructure at the heart of this project, SSI SCHAEFER is demonstrating how we work conscientiously with customers to advance their business objectives with tailored, exceptional solutions.”

Supply chains are increasingly shifting away from China and towards many Southeast Asian countries, as research by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company has found. With supply chain operations changing and expanding, companies in the region above all need smart, scalable storage facilities that not only enable flexible growth but also actively foster it. OMEGA fills this gap with the immense storage capacity of SSI SCHAEFER’s high-density racking systems, flexibility in pay-as-you-use rental plans, and the latest in digital and future-ready automation solutions.

A unique achievement in intralogistics

A leader in racking technologies and systems, SSI SCHAEFER designed, manufactured, and installed the core smart warehouse and steelworks infrastructure of the facility, customizing its racking solutions to seamlessly integrate with the space and connected systems. With more than 100,000 pallet locations spread across 38 aisles, SSI SCHAEFER's advanced design accommodates 8 double-deep aisles and 30 single-deep aisles, maximizing space efficiency while maintaining pallet diversity over an approximate area of 693,000 cubic meters.

The huge building with the self-supporting structure of the high-bay racking, constructed with over 4,700 tons of steel, represents an outstanding achievement for the intralogistics industry: a 40-meter tall indoor high-bay warehouse unsupported by building columns. Besides greater space utilization, this design provides a high degree of stability. SSI SCHAEFER’s engineering team have a proven track record when it comes to customizing racking solutions that can withstand global and local collapse mechanisms from the heavy mass of the stored pallets as well as dynamic horizontal forces from the SRM and extreme earthquake events. Ensuring safety throughout the lifespan of the racking systems is a top priority in SSI SCHAEFER’s design philosophy. This commitment guarantees the customers’ racking solutions comply with earthquake standards across Southeast and East Asia.

OMEGA: A state-of-the-art smart warehouse to elevate Southeast Asia’s logistics ecosystem


OMEGA, a smart warehouse with automation built-in, features a large-scale, integrated Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), allowing multiple supply chains to co-exist and benefit from digital networks and automation.

“We are confident that OMEGA 1 Bukit Raja represents a groundbreaking leap forward in Malaysia’s logistics industry. With SSI SCHAEFER’s exceptional expertise in this field and region, we have the utmost assurance that the development of our indoor rack structures is in good hands,” stated Keren Liu, Managing Director of ALP Malaysia. “Since the project’s inception, the SSI SCHAEFER team has consistently demonstrated their commitment to comprehending our requirements and proactively providing recommendations, ensuring smooth project execution. Such dedication is what we value most in our strategic partners,” Liu emphasized.

The facility is scheduled to be completed in Q3, 2024 and aims to boost fulfillment capabilities of Malaysia’s logistics and intralogistics industry, particularly among multinational brand owners and retailers seeking a regional distribution center for sustainable business growth.

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