Rack Safety: We Take Care of It!

Optimal rack safety is the basis of successful logistics. Our inspections and training help you get the most out of your warehouse storage!

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Are You Looking To Optimize Your Logistics? Then Start in the Warehouse!

Smooth processes begin with efficient storage and reliable inventory. With our services for your rack safety, we ensure that you can always meet your customers’ high demands, but also that you can guarantee a safe working environment for your employees. 

Our warehouse safety professionals help you maintain and optimize your storage systems. We carry out the required rack inspections for you in accordance with EN 15635 and share our know-how with your employees in special safety training courses.

Ready to increase safety in your warehouse? Then we look forward to hearing from you! 

Why Are Rack Inspections So Important?

A rack inspection increases the safety in your warehouse, making everyday operations significantly more efficient. Even if the idea of inspection sounds off-putting at first, the benefits will outweigh any discomfort: The knowledge a thorough rack inspection gives you makes all the difference between a safe warehouse and an accident-prone one. And what’s more, a positive or negative inspection result decides how effective and reliable a supply chain is.

Safe and Standards-Compliant: EN 15635 Inspection 

With a rack inspection by SSI SCHAEFER, you can comply with requirements of the European Standard (EN 15635), which offers guidelines on operational aspects of static safety and storage systems. Specifically, wherever mechanical ground conveyors are used in close proximity to static storage devices, the standard minimizes the risk and possible consequences of hazardous work processes or structural damage. 

Therefore, the focus is on rack safety. The standard addresses other forms of storage equipment only in part, so it may also make sense for an assessment to go beyond the EN standard. Want to see if your system complies with the standards? We’ll be happy to help!

How Does a Rack Inspection Work?

In a rack inspection, our own association-authorized inspectors perform visual checks. We document all the results for you in our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the WAMAS Maintenance Center

  • All information and observations, as well as any identified defects or needs for improvement are stored digitally in the WAMAS Maintenance Center app, along with associated photographic documentation. An inspection plate is also provided

  • All the collected data is summarized directly in an automatically generated PDF report 

  • We go through the report together and discuss what measures and solutions can address specific safety vulnerabilities or problems 

  • The digitally stored data can also be visualized and analyzed to extract informed insights 

What Does the Rack Inspection Check?

Our inspection includes the requirements of the European standard (EN 15635) and covers all the important aspects for your rack safety. After the inspection, we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed inspection report for audits and further maintenance activities: 

  • Proper use of the racks and suitability assessment of the pallets used by type, quality and size 

  • Correct handling of protruding loads and guarantee of load stability 

  • Use of ground conveyors appropriate for the rack design 

  • Cross beam height deviations from the original design, floor anchoring, attachment and use of safety locks 

  • Installation and visibility of required signage for the compartment and field loads 

  • Bent cross beams, damage to frames, cross beams, pallet rails, jibs, floor channels, etc. 

  • Calibration of the rack uprights for straightness, if damage is identified 

  • Column guards and other safety devices, possible floor damage, perpendicularity of racks at block and rack ends 

Increase Warehouse Safety through Rack Inspection and Maintenance

Watch our video for insight into the importance of regular rack inspections.

Our Rack Safety Training: Ready for Anything

Whether the goal is to train new employees or brush up on old knowledge, our safety training courses keep your staff up to date at all times! In two days, our rack safety team teaches them everything important for handling rack systems, as well as occupational safety in the warehouse. 

The first part of our training covers the theoretical foundations: 

  • Safety guidelines for warehouse processes 

  • What does a storage system design need to take into account? 

  • Rack system selection and best practices 

  • Maintenance, repair and other necessary repair instructions 

Part two consists of live, on-site training at your warehouse: Here our professionals reveal what really matters in practice. 

Invest in your warehouse safety now – it’s an investment in your future! We look forward to receiving your registration for the rack safety training.

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