Case Study HAVAN

HAVAN's distribution center, located in Barra Velha-SC, is the company's only one in the entire country and is used to supply its more than 140 stores. The turnover of incoming and outgoing products each day is enormous, so the company needed a reliable and agile system that could store many cages before dispatch. SSI SCHAEFER's state-of-the-art stacker crane system was chosen for this project.

According to the DC's Process and Project Manager, Fabrício Formiga, the system has brought a lot of agility to HAVAN's logistics processes, since everything happens at the "push of a button" (watch the video below to see the full interview). This has brought efficiency and productivity to the daily activities of delivering products to and from the stores, which take place 24 hours a day. The 12,800 cage positions located in the automated vertical warehouse, in addition to freeing up considerable physical space in the DC, have made it easier to track products, since various sensors do not allow cages not registered for storage or products outside the cage to enter the stacker crane. These cages and/or products are automatically taken to the checking area.

The old system relied on employees having to go to the cage, locate it manually and remove it for handling; today this process is done more quickly with the stacker cranes, which handle approximately 180 boxes per hour.

The Shipping Buffer is just the first project between HAVAN and SSI SCHAEFER. Both companies are already working on new projects. Stay tuned to find out more!