SSI Autocruiser

SSI Autocruiser for efficient intra-company transport

Are you looking for a high-performance and simultaneously economical solution to close the gap between stacker transporters and conventional conveying systems? Then the SSI Autocruiser it is exactly the right solution for you. It is designed for small to moderate throughputs and delivers maximum profitability at up to 600 transports per hour.

The system can transport goods weighing up to 30 kilograms with a footprint of 600 x 400 mm. The transport speed is 1 mile per second. Employees load and unload the trolleys manually at the work stations.

Simple, safe, and effortlessly scalable

Using cruisers on rails makes the system exceptionally scalable and also suitable for long distances. Cruisers are the only motorized solution with the ability to recharge their battery along the route or when receiving and delivering containers. As a result, the SSI Autocruiser is a highly energy-efficient transport solution.


This also gives the SSI Autocruiser its outstandingly appealing characteristics:

  • No central control system required

  • No wiring along the route required

  • Robust design with low maintenance costs

  • Uncomplicated commissioning with minimum training required

  • Simple destination specification using barcode cards

  • Effortlessly expendable and easy layout changes

The performance of the SSI Autocruiser system can be quickly and easily modified to match your requirements. You can increase or reduce the system’s performance by adding or removing vehicles.

Its cost-effective, flexible, and robust design makes the SSI Autocruiser an interesting option for a broad scope of applications:

  • Connecting production and warehouse facilities

  • Supplying employees and machines with tools and other equipment

  • Connecting production lines with each other

  • Connecting buildings

  • Handling special products at logistics centers

  • Returns handling at logistics centers


The route planning is easy and uncomplicated. Switches and lifts can also be included in addition to straight and curved sections. These components ensure that the system always remains flexible and expandable.

The SSI Autocruiser requires neither a PLC nor a material flow computer to find its destination. Each vehicle is equipped with a small pocket where destination cards are inserted. When the vehicle is loaded, a card is included, specifying the destination such as “Finished goods warehouse” or “Shipping”. The destination is printed on the card as a barcode. A barcode scanner reads this card at every branch along the track, such as at a switch to ensure the cruiser follows the correct route.

Commissioning the SSI Autocruiser is quick and cost-effective. The solution has been designed in such a way that reprogramming the switched for future changes to the route or expansions is a straight forward and simple process.

With its low upfront investment and the ability to reduce operational costs by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional conveyor technology, the SSI Autocruiser rapidly pays for itself.

  • No central control system required

  • 50% cost savings for intra-company transports

  • Easy operation without complicated IT

  • Simple destination specification using barcode cards

  • Scalable and expandable concept

  • Layout can be changed without any problems

  • No wiring along the route required

  • No pneumatics in the system

  • All components are supplied via a conventional 110-240V 1 phase plug socket

  • Low cost

  • Robust design with low service costs

  • Uncomplicated commissioning with minimum training required, extremely low maintenance


The SSI Autocruiser is a powerful yet economical alternative for closing the gap between forklift transports and conventional conveyor technology. It was designed for internal transport with low to medium throughput, reaching its highest efficiency at around 600 units per hour.