Hardinge Kellenberger AG: Vertical Lift Module as a Game Changer

Saving space, increasing efficiency, digitizing and accelerating processes - that's how Hardinge Kellenberger AG in Switzerland does it.

6 SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Modules have been installed at Hardinge Kellenberger

Decision in Favor of Switzerland as a High-Cost Location

The manufacture of precision grinding machines is the core competence of the company, which is part of the Hardinge Group. In order to be able to continue producing lucratively in Switzerland in the future, the company decided to take a significant step towards digitalization and modern warehouse logistics with optimized use of space. The intralogistics concept from SSI SCHAEFER was convincing and was implemented on schedule.

If you want to know in detail how SSI SCHAEFER approached this challenge, please download the case study below. Don't hesitate to get in contact with our experts to find out more and discuss further relevant topics.

Case Study Hardinge Kellenberger AG

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The Solution

Storage Lift as a Game Changer in Small Parts Storage

Before moving into the new production facility, employees in the assembly area spent too much time searching for items in different locations and on several floors. In addition, errors occurred when, for example, the number of items in the warehouse did not match the ERP system. Stocktaking was also becoming increasingly time-consuming and inefficient. With the small parts storage of around 8,000 different, sometimes highly sensitive components consolidated in the storage lifts, fast material availability is guaranteed in future.

By optimizing our warehouse logistics, we have achieved a significant improvement in production processes and a more efficient supply of our production lines. As a result, we are already achieving significant increases in capacity and efficiency. The Vertical Lift Modules are currently around 60% full. We expect the ongoing optimization to increase efficiency by up to 20% in the coming months.

Viktor Gaspar
CEO of Hardinge Kellenberger AG
Viktor Gaspar
CEO of Hardinge Kellenberger AG

SSI SCHAEFER@LogiMAT 2024 - Let's Talk: Automation with the Vertical Lift Module

In the expert panel discussions at LogiMAT 2024, Rico Bonaconsa, Director Order Fulfillment Process at Hardinge Kellenberger, explains in conversation with Oliver Meyer, Head of Projects SSI SCHAEFER, how the collaboration went and which efficiency-enhancing measures will enable the company to continue to produce successfully at the high-cost location of Switzerland in the future.

Special features for smooth and ergonomic processes

  • The LOGIPOINTER uses a built-in laser pointer to mark the product to be removed, making incorrect removal virtually impossible.

  • The entire process is confirmed with a continuous confirmation light barrier under the operating opening (LOGIBAR).

  • Ergonomics have been further improved with LOGITILT. In addition to the individually adjustable removal height, the trays in the removal area can also be tilted by up to 30┬░ to make it easier to remove parts from the rear tray areas.

  • The features are complemented by safety functions such as weight and height monitoring.

Seamless Integration of WAMAS Lift & Store Into the Existing ERP System

  • Master data, order and inventory management combined in one software package

  • Integration takes place in real time and, thanks to the direct connection and communication with the ERP system, inventory management, material planning and bookings can be carried out in one central location.

  • The result: optimal and efficient management that meets the requirements of modern warehouse logistics and includes inventory and reporting functions.

Precise Adherence to Deadlines

Hardinge Kellenberger had set itself the goal of carrying out the relocation during ongoing operations without any loss of production. This not only placed high demands on the project management, but also on the reliability of the contracted companies. SSI SCHAEFER was able to meet the required time frame precisely - thanks to flexible and cooperative collaboration. Only six weeks passed from the start of installation to handover, including software training.

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