Hur automatisering kan minska driftskostnaderna och öka produktiviteten

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Automated Warehousing: The Base for Efficient Material Flow

By automating the entire warehouse system or part of the warehouse, customers can lay the foundation for more efficient in-house material flows and enhance their productivity. Today, warehouse automation is an especially important competitive factor that plays a vital role a company’s success. SSI SCHAEFER develops tailored automation solutions that will enable your company to achieve better results.

Better Automatic – Automatically Better

Changing customer needs, such as same-day delivery or exceptional services, also increase the demands on a company's intralogistics. This can only be addressed through efficient processes and a specifically tailored degree of automation. Automating warehouse systems is an important step toward enabling companies to increase the efficiency of their internal material flows and adapt to the demands of the modern market situation. Picking represents one of the most cost-intensive areas of intralogistics. Fully or semi-automated solutions can significantly improve and accelerate these procedures.

This ultimately results in:

  • More efficient company processes

  • Increasing productivity

  • Lower costs along

  • Shorter delivery times

Whether small or mid-sized companies or multinational corporations: these are critical factors for maintaining and strengthening the company’s competitiveness in the age of e-commerce.

Customized Solutions

At SSI SCHAEFER, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers and strive to develop tailored and innovative solutions to address the challenges that you face in your business every day. Our broad spectrum of manual, partially and fully automated warehouse and logistics solutions serves to modify your warehouse system to meet your unique requirements. Combined, these solutions create a modular and integrated system. This system can be enhanced with flexible shuttle solutions, auto-guided transport, highly dynamic bag sorting systems, robot applications and customized picking systems to ensure efficient human-machine interaction.

Vad är ett automatiserat lagrings- och hämtningssystem (ASRS)?

Hur man effektiviserar materialhanteringsprocesser med automatisering

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Warehouse Automation is an Investment into the Future

As a family-run company, our approach and all of our activities are focused on the long term. This enables us to offer our customers the greatest-possible added value in connection with their investment. Warehouse automation also requires a long-term perspective and, thus, professional and detailed planning. Not only in a financial respect but also given the fact that the company defines the specific container types and articles that are processed in the warehouse for a long period of time. As an intralogistics expert, SSI SCHAEFER has extensive experience in warehouse automation. We advise customers regarding the ideal automation concept for their individual needs and with a view toward the future. Successive partial automation of the warehouse offers mid-sized companies, in particular, the means of keeping up with the incredible pace of many competitors in a globalized world. In the process, they can stabilize, consolidate and safeguard their success over the long term.

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