Largest selection of high-quality shelving systems suitable for your storage processes. SSI SCHAEFER offers efficient solutions, future scalability together with comprehensive expert advice and support.

High-bay warehouse with storage Vinamilk

Shelving systems that always provide the right solutions

Our storage racks successfully master almost all logistical challenges. On the other hand, gravity flow racks optimize your picking processes. With SSI SCHAEFER special storage systems, you can solve even the most demanding tasks. Our systems include long span and flow racking, mobile racking for light to medium loads, mobile racking for tires and storage solutions for hanging goods and hazardous materials. Mezzanines round off our extensive product range. SSI SCHAEFER is your leading global partner who guarantees the optimal use of your storage space with one of the widest range of storage shelving systems.

Shelving systems for variable and economical storage

We offer a large selection of high-quality shelving systems suitable for your storage processes. Our shelves are suitable for storing small parts, spare parts, wheels & rims, bulky goods and pallets. We deliver always the right solution ranging from small load carriers over pallet racks, large load carriers, channel storage systems to automated high bay warehouses.

Shelving Systems for large load carriers and pallet storage:

Pallet racks have become an integral part of intralogistics ever since standardized pallets have become the prevalent system for storing goods. Whether you are searching for customized shelving, a high bay warehouse or a channel storage system with manual, partially or fully automated handling, SSI SCHAEFER provides your one-stop solution for pallet and large load carrier storage.

Manufacturing pallet racks has long been one of SSI SCHAEFER’s key areas of expertise. We offer you a broad array of solutions that make storing large load carriers even more efficient:

Pallet racks

Pallet racks have become an integral part of intralogistics in many areas ever since standardized pallets have become the prevalent system for storing goods. SSI SCHAEFER provides you with the right one-stop solution for your customized racking system, accessories, and service.

Mobile pallet racks

Mobile pallet racks from SSI SCHAEFER are flexible racking systems for especially heavy loads. These solutions are ideal for storing both pallets and long-length items. Providing an extremely dense storage medium by reducing wasted aisle space, the modular concept enables you to put together the perfect system for your individual needs.

Pallet dynamic flow racks

SSI SCHAEFER dynamic flow racks ensure that the first pallets stored are also the first to be removed (FIFO). Benefit from the exceptionally efficient area and volume usage in your warehouse.

Automated high bay warehouses

Automated high bay warehouses provide all the benefits of an efficient storage system for every desired article quantity and turnover. You benefit from the optimum use of space and stock security combined with efficient process chains.

Channel storage systems

Channel storage technology is ideal for storing a small range of articles with large volumes. In addition, you also benefit from considerably improved space utilization.

Storage machines and shuttle systems for pallets

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems for pallets are key elements in an automated logistics chain. Wherever you need rapid material transport and short access times, SSI SCHAEFER offers you innovative storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems optimized for your specific requirements. SSI SCHAEFER storage machines can handle and move all common load carriers.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can provide you with effective advice and a solution that makes your large load carrier storage considerably more efficient.

high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 92,800 pallet storage locations

High Bay Warehouse

For the optimization of complex storage processes and the exploitation of all savings potential: security, availability and use of space.

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Pallet rack with cartons on euro pallets


Pallställ har blivit en integrerad del av intralogistik på många områden ända sedan standardiserade pallar har blivit det vanligaste systemet för lagring av varor. SSI SCHÄFER...

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Shelving Systems for small load carriers

SSI SCHAEFER’s shelving systems efficiently handle your storage requirements for boxes, containers, cartons, or loose product. Enjoy the benefits of easy, rapid and boltless assembly, future scalability together with comprehensive expert advice and support.

Saving space and time are the key criteria for effective small load storage. Whether single or multi-level facilities, SSI SCHAEFER offers you sophisticated, flexible static rack systems with comprehensive range of accessories that guarantee the highest quality solutions for a diverse range of uses. As our shelving systems are able to be tiered, incorporating multi-level flooring our shelving systems can handle almost any logistics and storage challenge. With various widths and depths available in conjunction with shelves vertically adjustable in 53 mm increments, we can remove the 'fresh air' to ensure space efficient design whilst improving ergonomics.

Extensive range of accessories

We offer you a diverse range of accessories for our static racks ensuring perfect utilisation of the space whilst storing your goods securely and easily accessible. Our accessories include; drawers, boxes, lockable doors, dividers as well as mesh and solid sides and backs.

Comprehensive support

Joint planning on site with an expert consultant from SSI SCHAEFER is the key to selecting the right system. We are happy to advise you. Furthermore, we also offer you project drawings and consultation free of charge along with spare parts and inspection services for a complete, one-stop solution.

Modular Shelving System

Small Parts Storage

Highest precision for storing your smallest parts and products.

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LTB container- storage and transport container

Small Load Carriers

Efficient solutions for small parts storage processes

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Riktad optimering av lagerprocesser – inklusive modulära lösningar för manuella, semi- eller helautomatiska system

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