Combined Solutions: How double-pack storage solutions optimize material flows

SSI SCHAEFER offers intelligently combined logistics solutions which help small and medium-sized enterprises to make their first steps towards semi-automated logistics processes – in a simple plug and play manner and at attractive prices. The appropriate powerful solution package ensures optimized storage processes which are crucial for long-time success. 

Benefits of combined solutions

Solve your individual challenges in the warehouse with a smart solution by SSI SCHAEFER. No matter which module you choose, the following benefits are yours:

✓    Solution approach – easy and requirement-oriented solution integration to achieve individual logistics goals dedicated to your specific requirements

✓    Cost reduction and efficiency increase – through automation of repetitive warehouse processes, reduce opportunity costs as well as expansion of the storage area with the same footprint

 ✓   Measurability and transparency – through automation and digitalization of existing warehouse processes

Mobile racking systems & automated guided vehicles

Even more efficient together – mobile racks in combination with automated guided vehicles ensure space savings and material flow optimization.

High-performance overall system solution on a small footprint for continuous flow of goods 24/7/365.

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MPE Plastics case study, MRS, AGVs, PE solution

Vertical lift module SSI LOGIMAT® & automated guided vehicle WEASEL® Lite

Cost optimization thanks to reliable storage and picking processes through ergonomic system solutions with WEASEL® LITE and SSI LOGIMAT®.

Combined, semi-automatic system solution for more efficient picking of small parts on limited space.

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Plock från SSI LOGIMAT i kombination med SSI WEASEL

SSI Mobile Robots & Shelving Systems

Plug & Play solution package for short-term realizable capacity and efficiency increases in small parts handling from a single source.

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Shelving Systems & SSI Mobile Robot

Pallställ & Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

How AGVs help optimize storage processes in static and dynamic pallet racks

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Pallställ utnyttjar höjden på lagret

Kanallager system & Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Skalbar systemlösning för resurs- och utrymmesoptimerad pallhantering. Förenkla processer, optimera kostnader och bidra till att kompensera för den pågående bristen på arbetskraft med SSI Orbiter & AGVs.

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AGV kombinerat med hyllställ

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A manual warehouse inevitably reaches its limits at some point because the parameters, based on which the distribution center was initially designed, change over time. For example, the number of items may have increased which leads to a shortage in storage locations. Or walking time and item search take too long, causing an interrupted material flow. Or the picking speed is not fast enough and too many picking errors are made so that supplied end customers are no longer satisfied. Furthermore, the shortage in skilled staff as well as a fluctuating demand additionally impede the daily business in the logistics center.

Looking at the above mentioned challenges, it is worth thinking about how the cost-intensive use of staff in the warehouse can be optimally planned and how the quality of work and the efficiency of processes can be increased at the same time. Since structural or financial conditions do not always permit an extension or a new building, these considerations focus on two aspects: The partial automation of storage processes, which can be implemented in different ways, and the increase in storage capacity with optimal use of the existing space. The automation of certain partial processes in the logistics center aims at saving costs and ensuring a safe, transparent, continuous and efficient material flow.

SSI SCHAEFER has many years of experience in planning and implementing large logistics projects, in which intralogistics processes were comprehensively automated. SSI SCHAEFER uses this expertise and know-how for partial automation and optimizes manual storage processes by implementing individually tailored and smaller automation solutions. Particularly smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SME), who try to find answers to the typical challenges mentioned above, can benefit from these solutions to be successful in the future.

SSI SCHAEFER offers high-performance products which are combined to intelligent, scalable and modular storage solutions for different applications. The solutions ensure a faster and reliable material flow and increased efficiency. Thanks to a plug and play principle, they can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing processes and thus enable a perfect interaction within the system. Compared to the automation of the entire warehouse, the costs for partial automation are manageable. The customer receives these solutions from a single source, which is a clear advantage for the user: For all projects involving partial automation, there is one reliable supplier for project planning, implementation and after commissioning. This allows for short and simple communication channels.

Mobile racking system & automated guided vehicles in use at MPE Plastic


Automotive supplier starts a new with a partially automated system solution consisting of mobile racking and Automated Guided...

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