Outlook of SSI SCHAEFER Asia in 2012

SSI SCHAEFER enjoyed a growth of almost 25% in 2011, with all markets performing to or above budgets, the company’s 2 factories ran at 100% capacity producing a total of 38,000 metric tons of steel.

This growth did not come without its problems, with deliveries extending to 8-10 weeks in the 3rd QTR, which has lead to the company installing a second paint line and building a 2000m² extension to the warehouse equipped with 3 loading docks.

By the end of 2011 with the new paint line fully operational, deliveries were back to 3-4 weeks for standard product

2011 also saw the opening of a 5000m² production hall in our Malaysian Integrated Storage Solutions (ISS) plant for conveyor assembly; this factory is now producing orders for projects in Australia and Philippines.

One major contract was the award of a rack clad fully automated warehouse for Gudang Garam, in Kediri, Surabaya. Following this award the company have subsequently been awarded 4 further similar fully automated warehouses totaling 160,000 pallets, to be installed over the next 2 years.

To meet the demands of the Logistics Industry, the company is now offering Integrated Storage Solutions, combining standard Industrial storage systems with a degree of technology to reduce operational costs in the warehouse by improving picking efficiency and accuracy.

To assist our customers to understand how these systems can benefit their operations, we have built a small Tech Centre with conference facilities in our Tuas warehouse. Whilst we approach 2012 with some trepidation, we are confident that with the companies diversified range of products, coupled with strong representation throughout Asia we will weather any potential fall out from the Euro-zone crisis.

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