Pick to bucket

Why piece and case picking technology save cost

Goods to Person picking system, at SSI SCHAEFER Singapore Tech Center

I am proud to present a Tech Center at Tuas offices, Singapore, at an investment cost of close to S$1 million. The purpose of the centre is to show-case the company’s range of piece picking technologies, which can be integrated with conventional storage systems to help increase efficiency in the warehouse.

Our clients are always seeking ways to reduce the cost of their warehouse operations. Simple reduction in cost is no longer an option, as most storage systems have very little value-added cost, as a large proportion of the cost is steel. However, we believe that with the introduction of a higher degree of piece and case picking technology within the warehouse, real savings can be made in staffing and operational levels.

Our objective in planning this centre is to let our customers see and test at first hand, concepts we are proposing. We have called this Integrated Storage Solutions (ISS)…where a combination of storage systems with picking and conveying technology can provide an optimum solution and offer companies an excellent ROI (return on investment).

Obviously 2012 with the Euro crisis, and the general weakness of the US market will seriously affect countries which are heavily reliant on exports, however I am confident that Asia will bounce back, as in 2009, stronger and in better shape. Logistics Directors are now realizing that low-cost labour is not the long-term solution, and are now embarking on upgrading their facilities.

Our centre is open to any visitor: be it manufacturers, 3PL operators, end users, students reading Logistics Programs, or, in fact, to everyone. Simply give us a call on +65-6863-0168, and ask to make an appointment between the hours of 8 am to 5pm any working day.

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Allison Kho Head of Marketing APAC & MEA Phone No.: +65 6863 0168 Mail: allison.kho@ssi-schaefer.com