SSI Order Verifier

SSI Order Verifier

Flexible solution for a wide range of applications

With the SSI Order Verifier, items from an already picked customer order can be identified, counted, checked, verified, and documented in a single step – regardless whether the article is cubic or cylindrical, packaged in a blister pack, tube, or bag. In a first step, picked orders are delivered in bins and emptied onto a conveyor belt. The products are separated and then transported to the scan machine where highly sensitive cameras scan the products from six sides reading 1D and 2D barcodes (matrix codes) as well as RFID transponders. In a final step, the products are compiled again in bins and conveyed to goodsout. Unidentified items are automatically diverted to a check station. With a throughput of up to 5,000 items an hour, the system has proven itself to be a reliable quality control, eliminating costly manual checking processes. As an end-of-pipe  solution, the SSI Order Verifier can easily be integrated into any existing warehouses and is available in a fully automated and semi-automated version.

Your Benefits

  • Automated zero-error quality control

  • Conforms to track & trace regulations

  • Automated check processes

  • High-performance with an return on investment of approx. two years

  • Easy integration into existing warehouses

  • Custom solutions possible due to modular design

Main Product Features

  • Fully automatic identification and documentation of batch number, serial number and expiration date

  • Reading 1D and 2D barcodes (matrix codes) as well as RFID transponders

  • 6-side scan at a speed of 2.5 meters/second

  • Throughput of up to 5,000 products/hour

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