Update 35


Update 35

Material handling is the backbone of many industries, and so, we ensure companies can do business anywhere and anytime. The main drivers for this positive development are the increasing importance of e-commerce. The desire of consumers for individual, fast and sustainable solutions, and the resulting pressure to perform for their consumers to act more efficiently.

The 21st century is no longer just about "higher, faster, further". Sustainability is becoming a key factor of a comprehensive plan for future success. This is why SSI SCHAEFER is developing suitable solutions for and in collaboration with our customers based on a proactive partnership and commitment to reach this goal together.

E-Commerce, sustainability, digitalization, and automation

Today’s main drivers in logistics define the highlights of Update 35.

Rozwiązania w zakresie łańcucha dostaw dla e-commerce

E-commerce and Omnichannel

Wózki samojezdne w SSI Schaefer

Automatyzacja potrzebuje ręcznych procesów i vice versa


Cyfryzacja spotyka się z obsługą klienta

Update 35: Contents at a glance

SSI SCHAEFER as intralogistics component supplier

Integrator Business Automation

In the area of Integrator Business Automation, SSI SCHAEFER applies a product-based approach to supplying the market. Our day-to-day business involves delivering intralogistics components to a general contractor. How this business sector works and the role that SSI SCHAEFER plays is explained by Arnold Lanz, Vice President of Hub Development & Integrator Business.

Read the Interview
SSI Mechatronics – Arnold Lanz

Latest incoming orders

Widok powietrzny na Galexis AG w Niederbipp, Szwajcaria

Wysokiej jakości nowoczesna ekspansja intralogistyczna w Galexis

E-commerce i opieka zdrowia: niezwykle zautomatyzowane rozwiązanie dla SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE

Przedstawienie 3D EDEKA Gochsheim

EDEKA Group Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen zatrudniła SSI SCHAEFER

Nowe centrum logistyczne La Costena w Ecatepec de Morelos, Meksyk

Przełamywanie logistycznych paradygmatów z La Costeña

Moduł regału windowego LogiMat®

Optymalizacja operacji przy wykorzystaniu modułów regału windowego SSI LOGIMAT® w Koenig & Bauer

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