Error-Free and Efficient Picking Solutions

On their own, robots lack intelligence – it has to be supplied from outside. Consequently, a robot is only as good as the software that controls it. In particular, single-piece picking and pallet building, so-called SSI case picking, require sophisticated, reliable software solutions to make robots suitable for the demanding tasks encountered during order processing. When this is done right, performance and delivery quality also improve.
If you’re considering robotics applications in your company, you can trust the software expertise of SSI SCHAEFER. We bundle the necessary knowledge in-house and offer you intelligent software modules from the WAMAS portfolio that you can use to make your picking error-free and more efficient. Gentle product handling is also guaranteed.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Absolute process reliability: The capability of automatically detecting serial numbers, batch numbers and expiration dates with an intelligent scanning function

  • A scalable software solution with a modular design, consistent performance and seamless integration into the overall logistics system 

  • Robotics and software underpin operation of an economical approach to Logistics 4.0

Case Picking – the Optimal Pallet

Safe Depalletization and Pallet Preparation by Outlet
Our Case Picking is practically an all-in-one solution. Even as retail units vary, the corresponding software module allows robots to automatically stack the requested number on pallets, saving time. No subsequent steps are needed in the shipping area to check for correctness or completion.
Besides palletization by branch, the solution also offers state-of-the-art robotic applications for fast and safe depalletizing. Because a significant portion of this work would otherwise have to be done manually, these applications significantly reduce human effort, preventing delays that could stall the flow of materials into the warehouse. 

How the Pack Pattern Generator Assists the Robot

The intelligent Pack Pattern Generator in WAMAS calculates the optimal structure of each individual pallet with sophisticated algorithms on the basis of the data from the so-called teach-in station, which records all packaging-related data, such as the dimensions, orientation, compression factor, contents and packaging type. It also incorporates information provided by state-of-the-art image processing systems in real time. Different criteria can be weighted for the specific needs of the customer.

Customer-specific Optimization

  • Store optimization: Packing sequences adapted to the store layout reduce search and run times during shelf replenishment and increase the availability of goods at the point of sale. Particularly in large shops, this saves walking time when replenishing goods, reduces the workload for staff and optimizes processes.

  • Stability optimization: For long transport routes over bad roads, the pallet is optimized beyond the usual necessary stability.

  • Volume optimization: To reduce transport costs, the pallet is optimized in terms of volume. Special conditions of premises, means of transport and personnel at the point of sale can also be taken into account.

The pallet is visualized, and the SSI Case Picking robot starts automatic palletization as soon as the calculation is finished. If a problem arises – for example, due to a damaged case – the system can modify the pack pattern in real time and continue with the packing order on the same pallet once the problem is resolved.