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Customer service and support the way you want it

The highest availability of all systems and rapid reactions when service is required are critical factors for successfully operating a complex logistics system. SSI SCHAEFER offers new and existing customers a broad spectrum of services. These range from support for mechatronic and software components to modernization and also include the full scope of preventive maintenance for fully automated logistics systems.

In order to meet the market’s rising needs, SSI SCHAEFER has combined this expertise into one single corporate division: Customer Service & Support (CSS). This division provides integrated services tailored to the customers’ needs. Every aspect of technical support, technician availability, system monitoring, inspection, and maintenance, on-site service, spare parts service as well as consulting and training is covered.

Modernization for enhanced performance

The warehouse is the heart of modern logistics structures. However, the technology utilized in the warehouses becomes obsolete after 7 to 15 years. This results in higher operating and process costs, a lack of flexibility, and declining competitiveness. That is why there is rising demand for warehousing modernization in the market.

Retrofitting projects are a rapid and cost-effective means of upgrading your logistics to a cutting-edge solution while remaining operational. Enhance your productivity while significantly reducing costs in comparison to purchasing a new system. Optimize your material flow and profit from a modern work station design. Modernizing automated warehouses creates potential improvements of up to 30%.


Your service partner around the clock

Even after your system has been installed and is operational, our experts continue to support you with their experience. This includes a comprehensive service portfolio with the right solution for every need.

Preventive inspection and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly

  • System monitoring

  • Inspection

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Safety inspection


We are there for you when you need our support

  • 24-hour hotline

  • Remote diagnostics

  • On-call technicians

  • On-site service

  • Worldwide spare parts service

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SSI SCHAEFER organizes and carries out permanent and sustainable system servicing at a fixed price and with complete responsibility for the personnel.

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  • Complete documentation of your SSI SCHAEFER system

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for paperless documentation of all activities, working time and material consumption statistics

  • Web shop for spare parts and wearing parts

  • Available around the clock.

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Mobile real-time video communication system enabling live voice and video communication between the technicians and the office support staff.

[---Image_alt---] Training and certification CSS [DAM:IMAGE:EN:2210]

Training workshops for your employee carried out either on-site or at our in-house testing facility.

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  • Service and support Availability around the clock (24/7)

  • On-call technicians

  • One central service number, central call logging (multi language), call routing to country-specific service organizations, worldwide call handling via central service tools, call monitoring and customer feedback, call reporting

  • Worldwide escalation structures

  • Guaranteed reaction times

  • System monitoring

  • Inspection

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Safety inspection

  • Spare parts service

  • Fault rectification

  • CMMS service portal

  • Retrofitting and system optimization

  • SSI Resident Maintenance®

  • Training and certification


Brochure Customer Service and Support EN

Brochure Customer Service and Support EN

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Technical Support

Customer Service & Support by SSI SCHAEFER

Preventive maintenance

[---Image_alt---] Training and certification CSS [DAM:IMAGE:EN:2210]

Training and certification

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Spare parts service

[---Image_alt---] Customer Service & Support CSS [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1774]

SSI Resident Maintenance

Customer Service & Support by SSI SCHAEFER


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Rack Safety Inspection

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