WAMAS® Labor & Resource Management - maximum and transparent performance in the warehouse

The WAMAS® Labor and Resource Management System, WAMAS® LRM, complements the product and service portfolio of the in-house logistics software WAMAS®. The combination of these two solutions optimizes intralogistics performance and guarantees maximum transparency of information. WAMAS® LRM can be operated as an independent system or integrated into an existing Warehouse Management System such as WAMAS®.

WAMAS® LRM analyzes both individual processes and the entire in-house material flow with its intelligent system. The results can be made available in a variety of evaluation options. Reports create transparency for all processes within the warehouse on a daily basis. By analyzing different time periods, it becomes easier to clearly see when and where peak loads or phases of low productivity arise.


WAMAS® LRM calculates all distances, travel time and material handling time in the warehouse. Depending on the means of transport used or the speed of the particular phase being monitored, the system divides all warehouse processes into freely definable time blocks. The ideal target times for each activity are then compared with the actual time that each activity takes. This assessment of the warehouse productivity provides clarity on which processes add value and which do not. In addition, WAMAS® LRM also records and evaluates warehouse phases that would not be classed as value-adding, but necessary.

With real-time evaluations, valuable information becomes available and the areas that require optimization can be identified. The evaluation can be adapted and filtered in many ways. Individual dashboards and timed reports can be created and sent automatically to those who should receive them. With this solution, the planning around personnel deployment is significantly simplified.

Defined key figures for personnel deployment planning make it easier to control daily warehouse operations. Using live versions of these figures can be retrieved at any time, which assists planning and optimal use of resources. This of course, can increase the entire productivity of the warehouse.

• Freely definable time blocks

• Target / ACTUAL time comparison

• Evaluation of performance data and KPIs

• Wage calculation based on agreed KPIs

• Personnel Scheduling

• Forecast planning

• Standard reports and dashboards

• Standalone or integrated in WAMAS WMS

• Coworker assessments and questionnaires

More than ever before, the use of workforce management systems has proved to be an important competitive advantage for many companies. Due to intralogistic challenges such as peak performance and increased handling volumes, the pressure on companies continues to grow. The efficient use and rapid provision of resources is more important than ever and many companies require larger warehouses and more employees.

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