Udržitelná řešení

V logistice se udržitelnost stává stále více rozhodujícím kritériem pro určení, zda jsou nabízená řešení připravená na budoucnost. Díky udržitelným přístupům společnosti SSI SCHÄFER v oblasti produktů, koncepcí a služeb odpovídáme filozofii „Think Tomorrow“. Tato filozofie umožňuje logistická řešení šitá na míru. Svým širokým portfoliem se společnost SSI SCHÄFER zavazuje podporovat zákazníky, kteří sledují své vlastní cíle v oblasti klimatu v duchu partnerství, a spolupracuje s nimi na implementaci správného řešení.

50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders Initiative

Partnering for sustainable, economical, and future-proof material handling solutions.
As the only material handling company, SSI SCHAEFER has been invited to participate in the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative. It demonstrates transformational climate action by the international business community, and the desire to rise to the challenge of climate change and to meet the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Storage machines & shuttles

In semi- and fully automated logistics environments the following storage machines, among others, ensure optimized performances: The SSI Exyz features energy recovery, the SSI Miniload has integrated energy efficiency software, and the SSI Flexi uses supercapacitors as an energy source.
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Conveying systems

The SSI SCHAEFER conveying systems convince with drives that meet the requirements of the latest energy efficiency class in combination with intelligent control systems. Requiring as little electrical power as possible is also the primary goal in the mechanics. Stable, wear-resistant systems combined with a needs-optimized design and preventive maintenance reduce the energy demand from the start.

Container systems

SSI SCHAEFER plastic containers can be used sustainably in the reusable system, are fully recyclable and can be further processed into regranulate for new containers. Nestable and foldable containers offer efficient space savings of 75-80%, while customized packaging protects sensitive products from damage. Steel containers are another robust, recyclable alternative with high load capacity.
Conveyor technology for totes
Mobile Racking ESX

Racking systems

Racking systems made of steel are characterized by a very robust and durable lightweight construction. They are almost completely recyclable, modular and scalable and can be used in various configurations. Ergonomic requirements are also supported. For instance, mobile racking systems offer a higher storage area with the same energy consumption and thus lead to lower CO₂ emissions. By using the SSI Orbiter and durable channel storage systems, a sustainable future can be created.


SSI SCHAEFER considers ergonomic work stations, as well as preventative occupational and system safety, to be both an ethical as well as a moral obligation. This subject plays a fundamental role in the development of products and solutions. The sustainably designed work stations and processes promote employee motivation and help prevent unnecessary efforts and movement that results in health issues. This is where the modular picking and handling systems and the ergonomics@work!® concept come into play.
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Customer Service & Support

Customer Service & Support (CSS)

In CSS, SSI SCHAEFER translates the topic of sustainability by applying activities aimed at conserving resources, increasing energy efficiency and lowering CO₂ emissions. With these initiatives, innovative approaches are deployed with a wide portfolio of services. State-of-the-art technologies are of great importance. Especially services such as Predictive Maintenance, SSI Augmented Support, the SSI SCHAEFER Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and retrofitting play a major role.

Logistics software

The SSI SCHAEFER logistics software portfolio, including WAMAS® or SAP, helps to optimize the energy efficiency of warehouse and logistics centers. Sustainable storage strategies result in shorter distances and higher throughput. Software automated reconfiguration of warehouse operations ensures reduced energy consumption. In returns handling, WAMAS® enables transparent tracking of returned goods and reduces the effort to reintegrate them. Predictive maintenance promises to conserve resources by avoiding premature replacement of components.
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Green Building

Climate-neutral and economical use of energy can already be taken into account when planning a new logistics building. The SSI SCHAEFER services include not only green products, but also range from energy consulting and planning, certification and monitoring, and subsidy consulting.
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